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Oliver and Ruby’s Film Debut…


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Special Delivfurry!

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here!

Today we had a special delivfurry!

I was so excited that I had to have a chew on the strap! I was trying to get it open as quickly as possible.

Inside were all sorts of toys! There were loads of fevvurs-on- a stick because that’s our favourite toy at the moment (well, that and the rolled up ball of aluminium foil).

Ruby was also excited about the box – she loves boxes!

I can see the attraction…

…but I love the bouncy things more!

Here we are testing out the new fevvur-on-a-stick. Ruby has sunk her teefs in while I am happy batting it with my paw.




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Ruby in a box

Well hello there, thanks for stopping by! It’s Ruby here, in a box. This was the box that the Bean’s Christmas cake came in and it’s currently my favourite thing. Both Oliver and I enjoy sitting in it (though Oliver finds it a bit harder to squeeze himself in) and we love to chew on the edges.



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When we were young…

Today Oliver and I are three months old! It’s appropriate then that we reminisce about our days gone by…

First of all this our father – his name is Alejandro Fat Albert.

We think he is very handsome! Oliver will look just like him when he grows up. We are both “Blue” British Shorthairs like our father.

This is our mother – Alejandro Botticelli. She is a “Colourpoint” British Shorthair. She is very beautiful.

This is how we looked when we were very young.

Look at our fluffy furs!

Here are some of our brothers and sisters.

There were seven of us altogether.

Here we all are!

We grew up pretty fast!

Our eyes were blue when we were born, but have now changed to our adult eye colour – a beautiful copper brown.

We are Sentabali cats and were looked after by our Auntie Jane before Scott and Mark took us to our forever home. Auntie Jane took these pictures for Scott and Mark as we were growing up.

Scott took this picture of me when he and Mark came to visit us.

This last one is of Oliver with our mother – I think he was her favourite, though she loved all of us. Oliver is chewing on Mark’s jacket zipper. He likes chewing on things.

As a matter of fact, so do I.


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Boxing Day

Hi efurrybody – Oliver here!

Yesterday was Christmouse Day! Ruby and I spent the day playing wif the Beans, snoozing, wrassling wif each other and watching the turkey being roasted. It sure smelt nice but we weren’t sure about trying some – we prefer our tins of stinky goodness.

This is me playing wif the feathers on a stick – they’re aren’t many feathers left on it anymore as it’s one of Ruby’s favourite toys and she’s ripped most of them off. I am very proud of my big fluffy paws, by the way.

Here’s Ruby trying to fight me off from getting the feathers!

It was a little strange yesterday as the Beans put us in our travelling cage and took us upstairs to visit wif Uncle Orlando. It was the furst time we’d ever seen each other. Orlando didn’t seem to mind us but I was a bit uncertain so I did my best growly sound to show him I’m big and strong. The problem was, when we got back downstairs Ruby must have thought I was growling at her, so she got mad at me and arched her back and showed me her fangs. Maybe she didn’t like seeing my aggressive macho side. We’re OK now though and still the best of friends that a bruvfur and sisfur can be!

Today we met the dreaded whirry-suck-noise machine that Scott ran all over our floor. It sucked away all of the lovely mess we’ve been making. We hid for a while and then the whirry-suck-noise machine went away. Then Scott put us on the scales – Ruby weighs about 1500 grams and I’m a bit bigger at 1800 grams.

This is us relaxing in our igloo.

People say we look alike but we are completely different!


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Day 3

Hi everyone – Ruby here!

You will be glad to know that Oliver, pictured above, joined me and the Beans out from under the sideboard yesterday afternoon. It’s so much more fun now as we get to play chasey and do wrassling all over the kitchen. We’re much more confident here in our new house – it’s starting to feel like home!

We love our toys – we have a great time with the ball in the tunnel as well our mousey toys.

Oliver tells me that he can smell another cat – could this be the Orlando we have heard so much about? We haven’t met him yet and we’re a bit nervous as we don’t know whether to bow and curtsy to him or just let him sniff our furs.

Scott and Mark tell us that tomorrow is something called Christmouse – so we hope everyone has a lovely time!




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Day 2

This is Oliver repawting from behind the sideboard.

The Beans (Scott and Mark) left the kitchen for a while last night and we came owt and had a bit of food while they were gone. We like it here under the sideboard as we feel safe. I miss my mum so I’m sulking a bit but this morning Ruby got distracted by the feathers on a stick and forgot she was meant to be frightened.

No Ruby! It could be a trick!

Ruby’s a very brave and independent girl. I admire my sisfur.

She’s not sure about the clicking camera though.

The Beans were being very patient though and they kept trying.

She was so focused on the feathers that she forgot she wasn’t hiding anymore. The Beans even managed to give her a little stroke.


Aaaaargh! It got away from her again! Ruby has very impressive claws. Meanwhile I just kept watch from behind the sideboard. I will come owt when I am good and ready so don’t hassle me or call me a scaredy-cat.


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The Oliver and Ruby Chronicles

– Pssssst. Oliver?

– Yes Ruby?

– Do yoo think it’s safe to come out yet?

– I don’t know Ruby. The noo Human Beans seem to have gone but I’m still not sure. I think we should stay here behind this sideboard – it’s safe and warm by the radiator.

– Oliver?

– Yes Ruby?

– I’m a bit tired after that strange bumpy ride. I was shaking all over when Human Bean #2 opened up the car to get us out.

– Well Ruby, let’s nap and work this out later.

– OK.


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