Day 3

Hi everyone – Ruby here!

You will be glad to know that Oliver, pictured above, joined me and the Beans out from under the sideboard yesterday afternoon. It’s so much more fun now as we get to play chasey and do wrassling all over the kitchen. We’re much more confident here in our new house – it’s starting to feel like home!

We love our toys – we have a great time with the ball in the tunnel as well our mousey toys.

Oliver tells me that he can smell another cat – could this be the Orlando we have heard so much about? We haven’t met him yet and we’re a bit nervous as we don’t know whether to bow and curtsy to him or just let him sniff our furs.

Scott and Mark tell us that tomorrow is something called Christmouse – so we hope everyone has a lovely time!





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3 responses to “Day 3

  1. Merry Christmas Ruby and Oliver, we hope santa is good to you 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, you two are the very cutest. I am so glad your beans started a blog about you so we can see you all the time. We are going to tell all our friends about you. We hope you have a very playful day today.

  3. We are so glad yoo two are settling in nicely. Soon yoo will feel confident enuff to be NORTY! Tee hee!

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