Boxing Day

Hi efurrybody – Oliver here!

Yesterday was Christmouse Day! Ruby and I spent the day playing wif the Beans, snoozing, wrassling wif each other and watching the turkey being roasted. It sure smelt nice but we weren’t sure about trying some – we prefer our tins of stinky goodness.

This is me playing wif the feathers on a stick – they’re aren’t many feathers left on it anymore as it’s one of Ruby’s favourite toys and she’s ripped most of them off. I am very proud of my big fluffy paws, by the way.

Here’s Ruby trying to fight me off from getting the feathers!

It was a little strange yesterday as the Beans put us in our travelling cage and took us upstairs to visit wif Uncle Orlando. It was the furst time we’d ever seen each other. Orlando didn’t seem to mind us but I was a bit uncertain so I did my best growly sound to show him I’m big and strong. The problem was, when we got back downstairs Ruby must have thought I was growling at her, so she got mad at me and arched her back and showed me her fangs. Maybe she didn’t like seeing my aggressive macho side. We’re OK now though and still the best of friends that a bruvfur and sisfur can be!

Today we met the dreaded whirry-suck-noise machine that Scott ran all over our floor. It sucked away all of the lovely mess we’ve been making. We hid for a while and then the whirry-suck-noise machine went away. Then Scott put us on the scales – Ruby weighs about 1500 grams and I’m a bit bigger at 1800 grams.

This is us relaxing in our igloo.

People say we look alike but we are completely different!


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21 responses to “Boxing Day

  1. You wonderful, smoochy babies….Our mom can’t tell you apart from your pictures. But we imagine that if she met you both in person, she’d sort out who is who pretty quickly, and not just from size.

    Oliver, we see you are out and about and settling in quite well, gaining confidence. Good for you! The two of you will keep your humans on their toes every day, as it should be. 🙂

  2. dancingwithfrogs

    Love the last line!

  3. TK

    We is so glad to sees you comes out from under the sideboard, Oliver. Is much more fun to be in the world. You two are very cute.
    Now we can’t waits to see how you and Uncle Orlando gets along. We is sure you will all be fast furends as soon as your daddies lets you be togefur!
    Love TK and Squashies

  4. Hello Ruby and Oliver! First off, Mommy is totally in love with you two. Secondly, WE are over the moon with you two! We loves us some kittens, oh yes we do! We bet it’s fun exploring your new home, and even meeting Orlando must have been exciting, in a way. We’ll be back to see more of you, we promise!
    xx The Lounge Kats

  5. Hi Ruby and Oliver. Thanks for stopping by! We’re much much older than you, but some of us at least enjoy active kittens. We hope you will be able to live peacefully and happily with your Uncle Orlando. Your daddies are very smart to introduce you all gradually to each other. Is there a door you can sniff at Orlando under and play pattypaws under so you get to know each other at your own pace? We think you both are exceptionally cute…are you purebred British Blue cats?

  6. We’re glad to see you two having so much fun with the fevvers on a stick! We just think you two are so adorable! We have a feeling that your Uncle Orlando is going to love getting to know you!

  7. We liked watching the two of you playing and posing. We have to agree with everyone else that you are so cute!

  8. It’s so sweet to see yoo two cuddling up in an igloo together ~ especially since we can see another igloo in the background! ‘Cos that suggests yoo want to SHARE an igloo together! Smoochies.

  9. We found you from Margs animals who had been to meet you both – she told us you were cute but she didn’t let on just how cute!! Our mum is making silly noises and squeeing – of course we must warn you she is rather over the top where kitties are concerned but she is a soft touch where we are concerned!! That fevver on stick is a pretty good game when the beans look after the stick end. We hope to see you again soon – why don’t you come and visit us sometimes – that would be fun.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Nice to meetcha! You two are totally adorable!

  11. Hi you two! You are SO adorable!! We especially love the picture of Ruby “fighting you off”. We have a noisy sucky thing here too, but jane whapps it and it goes away. Have a great day, and see if you can’t rip that last fevver off that stick!

  12. Oliver and Ruby… I’ve just dropped by from Marg’s and am so glad to meet you. I read through everything and am now up to date and will follow you. Drop by my place some time too. Have a great time. Love all the pictures of your two.

    pawhugs, Max

  13. Hi Ruby and Oliver! It’s nice to meet you!! Our mom thinks you guys are the cutest!! Well, next to us, of course! 😉 Looks like you had a really fun Christmas!!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  14. Hi Oliver! Hi Ruby! It is nice to meet you – we just came over from Margs Pets! We think you are both cuties! And we love those feather toys too – yours looks a lot like ours does with most of the feathers missing!! We can’t wait to read more about you both!!

  15. Gosh, you two are just as cute today as you were the other day. Our Mom just loves to look at your pictures. She would really like to steal you but we have too many bodies here all ready. But we just want to squeeze you. That is the best, the two of you snuggling together in your igloo. Can’t wait till next time. Take care.

  16. Hi cuties! Our friend Marg sent us over to visit and are we sure are glad she did! You’re adorable little sweeties!

  17. We’re glad you both are settling in. Oliver, you have macho paws! We like destroying, er, playing with feather toys too! 🙂

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  18. These babies are absolutely adorable!

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