When we were young…

Today Oliver and I are three months old! It’s appropriate then that we reminisce about our days gone by…

First of all this our father – his name is Alejandro Fat Albert.

We think he is very handsome! Oliver will look just like him when he grows up. We are both “Blue” British Shorthairs like our father.

This is our mother – Alejandro Botticelli. She is a “Colourpoint” British Shorthair. She is very beautiful.

This is how we looked when we were very young.

Look at our fluffy furs!

Here are some of our brothers and sisters.

There were seven of us altogether.

Here we all are!

We grew up pretty fast!

Our eyes were blue when we were born, but have now changed to our adult eye colour – a beautiful copper brown.

We are Sentabali cats and were looked after by our Auntie Jane before Scott and Mark took us to our forever home. Auntie Jane took these pictures for Scott and Mark as we were growing up.

Scott took this picture of me when he and Mark came to visit us.

This last one is of Oliver with our mother – I think he was her favourite, though she loved all of us. Oliver is chewing on Mark’s jacket zipper. He likes chewing on things.

As a matter of fact, so do I.


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19 responses to “When we were young…

  1. Ruby, you and your brother Oliver are such adorable tots…Mommy is beside herself with glee looking at your post. Your Mummy and Dad are Stunning Cats, we can’t wait to see how you two grow up!

    pee ess: we are starting to see the differences between you two!

  2. Happy 3-month birthday! Does this mean extra treats? 🙂

  3. My gosh I was on cuteness overload when I saw the pictures ofyou with all your brothers and sisters together!!! Your mum and dad are just beautiful and I know you will both grow into a gorgeous mancat and ladycat 🙂 Happy three month birthday kids!!!

  4. Ruby,
    You and Oliver are absolutely gorgeous!
    Both you Mom and Dad are stunning.
    We are glad you both are together.


  5. Oh my goodness; I nearly melted in my seat at your beauuutiful momma kitty. DEN< the pic's of the whole kitten kaboodle too! You guys are just the 'squee!' today.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  6. Oh how cute you were and are. Happy Boxing Day a little late!

  7. We love to see our friends’ baby kittie pictures! Your father and mother are both quite attractive, too.

  8. Happy 3 month birthday! The pics are adorable ~ and yoo sure have snagged yoorselves a wonnerful forever home wiv yoor daddies and Orlando.

  9. Happy 3-monthday! Your mom and dad cats are gorgeous!

  10. What a delight to have such precious new baby cats to enjoy. What a lucky girl and boy to have a nice new home and such loving daddies. We’re all just waiting to love and admire you as you grow up!

  11. Hi Ruby! Wow you and your brother have done a lot for being so young! We think your mom and dad are very beautiful and so are your brothers and sisters! And of course the two of you are just so super cute! We know you are going to be so beautiful when you grow up too!

  12. Wow, your mum and dad are gorgeous! But then again, so are both of you. Thanks for helping me celebrate my birthday! I hope you two didn’t get up to any mischief at the party 🙂

  13. Hi you two most adorable kittens. We think your Mom and Dad were so good looking. We just think you are the cutest ever and we are looking forward to following your growth into big kittens and then cats. Love the pictures. Your daddies are doing a super job with the photos. Take care and have a good evening.

  14. That’s a whole lot of cuteness for one post! Each photo was overflowing with cuties! Your mom and dad are both gorgeous kitties. Our mommy started squeeing over the photo of you two as itty bitty babies, then you with your furblings then the last photo with your kitty mommy and chewing on your daddy’s coat, well, okay you get the picture, she finds you both irresistible!

  15. Happy 3 months!! Our human has passed right out at all the cuteness in your photos. Adorable!

  16. Happy 3 month birthday, Ruby and Oliver! and thanks for sharing your family album…what a handsome dad and beautiful mum you have! and oh my Cat, your brothers and sisters are all gorgeous, too! we can see your purrsonality developing even in your baby pics. We look forward to seeing lots and lots more pics of you as you grow up!

  17. Yow! Concats on your 3 month birthday! You two are practically all grown up :). Your dad is very handsome and your mom beautiful! Thanks for sharing the photos. We hope you both had a special day and were properly spoiled!
    Oh, we like chewing on things too!

    Pip, Smdigen, Minnie,and Hollie

  18. Our mum is gazing at the screen at the sight of all that cuteness – we have a feeling she will be back for more!!

  19. Just getting caught up with you 2 cutie pies and wow…mom is almost passed out because of the cuteness overload!

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