Ruby in a box

Well hello there, thanks for stopping by! It’s Ruby here, in a box. This was the box that the Bean’s Christmas cake came in and it’s currently my favourite thing. Both Oliver and I enjoy sitting in it (though Oliver finds it a bit harder to squeeze himself in) and we love to chew on the edges.




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15 responses to “Ruby in a box

  1. Hi Ruby!

    We LOVE yoor box! There is nuffin more fun than a box!

  2. My mum is making all kinds of funny noises, Ruby could you please stop being so cute?

  3. Ooooh, a perfect box. It is almost Tiffany blue!

  4. Great photo and great box…. You look just perfect sitting there.

    pawhugs… Max

  5. Ruby you are too adorable!!!

  6. Hi Ruby, in a box! Boxes are the best! Yours looks purrfect for you.

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  7. Ruby is such a beauty, and in such an adorable pose!

  8. Ruby, you are just giving our Mom cute overload. Look at those great paws crossed just like a proper lady. Lord you are cute. We love boxes too. Hope ou continue to have a great day.

  9. Hi Ruby
    What a great box!
    We love boxes too.
    You look so cute in yours.


  10. Hi Ruby! Wow that looks like a great box! And that color looks so pretty with your furs! We can see why you would like to chew on it too – it looks like a great edge for chewing – nice and firm!

  11. Ok, ok…I’z gettin’ a bit jealous here because my Human is quickly developing a crush on you two. Well, alright…because you both is GRAY (like me) I guess I can admit that you are a little cute…Good box by the way! And nice touch with the crossed paws…

  12. Karen

    Boxes-no matter if you are a kitten or a human child, boxes are better toys than what comes in them in the first place!

  13. Ruby, you got style, that’s for sure!

  14. What a beautiful photo! The contrast of Ruby’s wonderful colouring and the colour of that box is wonderful!

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