Special Delivfurry!

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here!

Today we had a special delivfurry!

I was so excited that I had to have a chew on the strap! I was trying to get it open as quickly as possible.

Inside were all sorts of toys! There were loads of fevvurs-on- a stick because that’s our favourite toy at the moment (well, that and the rolled up ball of aluminium foil).

Ruby was also excited about the box – she loves boxes!

I can see the attraction…

…but I love the bouncy things more!

Here we are testing out the new fevvur-on-a-stick. Ruby has sunk her teefs in while I am happy batting it with my paw.



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12 responses to “Special Delivfurry!

  1. Fuzzy Tales

    Oooh, a box! And toys! And a box! 😀

  2. Oliver
    HOW pawsome!
    and wrapping!!
    *woo hoo*
    What more could a kitty ask for?
    Well maybe some…


  3. We were looking at a few of your posts. You were adorable kittens and very good looking as you’ve grown. Happy New Year.

  4. Whoa, a bunch of toys AND a box? You are lucky!!!

  5. Wishing both of you and your humans a happy 2011 with lots of love from all of us Good Cats (and our human staff too)!

  6. Wow, what a haul! You are two lucky kits! LOVE the photos of you opening your package.

  7. Super lovely bouncy things from the box for you, dear Oliver. I wonder how long the feathers will stay attached to the new toys with bold Ruby’s attacks? I hope you both have more fun with the assorted boxes

    Sending you and Ruby, your human beans and Uncle Orlando the very bestest wishes for the New Year – it has already arrived here in Wellington, NZ …… and Zebby Cat (I’m his human bean – correction: i am Zebby’s human, all His) has snored his way through it all.

    I hope you all (please) keep super warm and cosy throughout the Liverpool Winter,

    xxxxx from me and soft snoring from Zebby, Michelle downunder in Wellington, NZ

  8. Hi there Oliver and Ruby . We came by to get our overload of cute and we got it. You two are the best. Those boxes are so much fun and the fevver toy is great too. Hope you have a wondeful day playing with all those toys. We hope you have a very happy New Year. You two behave yourselves tonight on New Years Eve. Take care.

  9. Fen

    Cats and boxes are my favourites!
    Happy New Year to you all xo

  10. A box, fevver on stick, box, pillow thingies, a box, a strap thingy and there’s something else – now what was it, thinking, thinking, …. we know it’s A BOX.
    You are lucky.
    Luv Hannah & Lucy xx xx

  11. A box is the best toy EVER!

  12. We gotta agree with Milo and Alfie…boxes are the best toys ever! We don’t usually get to play with the bouncy things…Meowy always punctures them and puts them in the trash (she’s real careful about not letting us play with ribbon or plastic bags)…but we love boxes almost more than treats and fevver toys, although those are very nice to have, too. Enjoy your toys…and boxes!

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