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We’re Stylish!

Hi evfurrybody! Oliver here!

Thank yoo to Cat’s Cat’s (Ben, Archie, Casper, Jimmy – and Cat of course!) for our Stylish Blogger Award! We are so onnerd as we are less than four months old! I will let Ruby take over the rest of this post as she is a better spella than me and she can type faster.

Thanks Oliver – Ruby here. The rules of the Stylish Blogger Award are that you reveal seven things about yourselves that people may not know and then name seven more blogs to pass the award on to. Here goes:

1. I am a bit embarrassed about this but I enjoy chewing on things. I particularly like paper – putting the bitey on the covers of books is my specialty.

2. Oliver carries toy mice and his ball of aluminium foil around the house in his mouth – just like a dog.

3. We are still a bit wary of human toes. The Beans usually wear socks, shoes or slippers, so when we see toes we get a bit freaked out.

4. Our own paw pads and toes are a lovely aubergine/eggplant colour.

5. Our favourite treat is prawns.

6. We sometimes get into mischief. Scott gets worried when he can’t hear what we’re up to. The other day we discovered where he hid the new feathers-on-a-stick and Oliver pulled three apart. We also discovered where Mark keeps receipts and bills and decided to shred some.

7. We love computers. We sit on laptops. We lie on keyboards. We chew on wires and play with the mouse. We type with our paws and sometimes with our bottoms. I even managed to complete a Wikipedia search AND print it through the wireless connection to the printer upstairs. Scott thinks I am a cyber-hacker.

There are so many blogs we love and we know that the Stylish Blogger Award is very popular at the moment, so we would be very happy for the first seven commenters to this post who would like the Award to have it with our warmest compliments!



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Our Cat Tree

Hi evfurrybody! Oliver here!

Some of yoo have been asking where out cat tree came from. We live in England and it came from Uncle Russell at Russell Hardy Designs He has lots of different cat scratchers.

By the way I want yoo to know that I am very happy to be going in a Cat Show. Scott says he will be wif me all the time apart from when the judges come and look at my furs and stuff. He also says that if I don’t like it or get stressed he will not do it again. It will be fun because my daddy (Fat Albert) will probably also be in the show! He won Best of Breed at the Merseyside Cat Show last year. Scott says I come from a long line of pedigree prize winners so it’s in my blood – half of my great-grandparents and two thirds of my great-great grandparents were show prize winners. I am also a very laid back boy and I nevver get stressed owt and I love people. At the show I don’t have to do anything except look handsome and let the judges handle me. All the cats are checked by a vet to make sure that nobody spreads any diseases plus when the public come in during the afternoon they are careful not to touch you or give you werms.


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The Colossal Cat Tree


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The Ruby Report

Hi everyone. This is Ruby (Sentabali Smart Cookie) presenting the Ruby Report.

Just after lunch Bean #1 (Scott) left Headquarters with Oliver. I spent the afternoon with Bean #2 (Mark) observing computer protocols. I have almost learnt how to send emails – such a primitive communication system but humans seem to like it nevertheless. I also managed some snoozing time on Mark’s desk.

I questioned Oliver on his return and it seems that he had been visiting Auntie Jane. Oliver wasn’t quite sure but he thinks that Scott is going to enter him in the Lancashire Cat Club 63rd All Breed Championship Show. He and Jane were discussing how to fill in the entry forms and what to do in preparation for the show. Let me make it quite clear that I think it’s wrong to be objectifying cats in a “beauty pageant” but Oliver doesn’t seem to mind. He quite likes the idea of a day out where people can come and admire him but I can’t think of anything worse. Anyway, Scott is very happy that Jane has offered to be his show-buddy on the day.

I wish them luck but I think Scott just has to relax and not be a stage-mother. If Oliver enjoys it then fine, if not he must stay here at HQ with me.

I will make sure I groom Oliver extra well the night before the show.



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Our Bowls

Hi evfurrybody! Oliver here!

I thought I’d show yoo our speshull bowls. This is my bowl with my very own name on it and lots of blue stars. Scott says that’s because I am a star!

Ruby’s bowl has pink and red love hearts on it. She is a bit embarrassed abowt that cos she thinks it’s too GERLY, so she always tries to eat owt of MY bowl.

This is our water bowl – its bigger and has both of our names on it. One day I will be able to read and tell yoo which name is which!

Scott says he had the bowl made speshully for us at Emma Bridgewater, an English pottery in Stoke-on-Trent. They paint yoor names on the bowls and then they are glazed and fired.


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The V-E-T

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here!

This morning we were happily sleeping in the crow’s nest of our enormouse cat-climby-thing when Scott bundled us into the travel box to take us to the V-E-T. We each had a giant injection – Scott says we are now microchipped so if ever we get lost he will be able to find us. We’re happy abowt that but it still hurt. I made sure I gave a little surprised yelp to make sure Scott felt extra guilty and would give us snacks when we got home.


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Growing Up

Hello! Ruby here!

We have only lived with the Beans for a few weeks but we have already changed so much. Scott and Mark say we don’t look like kittens anymore, rather we look like miniature versions of our future adult selves (though we still act like kittens of course!).

This is my most recent photo.  You can see my gorgeous eyes – it looks a bit like I’m wearing mascara but I’m not really a girly-girl – I enjoy ninja-style fighting with Oliver. Scott says I am getting longer legs and a sleek and lean body – it’s all the exercise I do that keeps me in great shape. Dangling off stair rails is very good for the upper body.

Here is Oliver. He is already much bigger than me – he has a big tubby tummy but is also very muscly. You can see that his face is much fuller and rounder than mine. He has big fluffy paws. You would think he could roar like a lion but actually he has a tiny little meow. He is much more relaxed than I am – he is happy to lie down and just take things as they come, whereas I need to know everything about everything! He enjoys playing with me and running up and down the stairs, though he is not very well-balanced when he tries to walk on the banisters.

We both love playing with wires and Oliver likes to chew on them so the Beans are trying to find ways to make us stop – they would appreciate any ideas you have.


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The Ruby Leg-Climb


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On Assignment


Ruby attempts to contact Command Central for an update on her instructions.


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Oliver’s Soft Side

Hi evfurrybody! Oliver here!

I enjoy relaxing abowt the house – as I’m sure evfurryone does. Here’s a picture of me showing you my soft underfurs. I like it when the Beans stroke my tummyfur – it makes me purr.



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