Ruby’s Fitness Tip

Hello! Ruby here!

I’m a bit of a fitness fanatic: I enjoy running, jumping, leaping from place to place and wrassling with Oliver. All of this exercise keeps me lean and fit. However, the most important thing you can do for your fitness is stretching – it’s crucial to keep you limber and lithe. You can stretch on the floor but I really prefer the uneven surface of a row of books as this really helps with the mid-back region.




PS. Scott says he would like to thank everyone for their comments about Uncle Orlando’s passing.



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8 responses to “Ruby’s Fitness Tip

  1. Oh Ruby no matter how many yoga classes I attend I’ll never have your effortless flexibility!

    PS – I see you have some Delia cookbooks. I have her Christmas book and my mum has her Summer one…yummy stuff 🙂

  2. Ruby, that’s a fantastic stretch! We love your choice of locations and agree it adds an extra dimension to the stretch!

  3. Karen

    Jane Fonda here I come!!

  4. Ruby, you are gonna be one lean mean playing machine after a stretch like that!

  5. Hello Ruby – what a magnificient stretch! The recipe books look to be purrfect to hook your front claws over for added grip so you can get every possible millimetre of your back stretched just right.

  6. Fen

    Ooh Ruby nothing like a good stretch to make you feel all lovely.

  7. Hi Ruby! what a great stretch! we think that’s the Yoga position called “Downward Facing Cat.”

  8. Wonderful tips Ruby ~ kitty yoga is good too.

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