Olly Purrs


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19 responses to “Olly Purrs

  1. Oh rats, we can’t see the video! It says it’s private. I’ll check back later!

  2. Sorry Daisy – it’s all fixed now! Oliver and Ruby

  3. What an adorable little motor, Oliver! You’re such a purr machine!

  4. Oliver, you do have a super motor. Good job purring away. Thanks for my cute overload this morning. Have a wonderful week end.

  5. What a wonderful video… It’s nice to hear you motor revved so high.

    pawhugs, Max

  6. OMC, if the mom could jump through the computer monitor and bring you home, Ollie, she would! Ruby too!

  7. Oliver is well-loved and happy. We love to see that in a cat!

  8. Olly is an adorable PURR machine!

  9. awwww what a nice purr! and your daddy must enjoy how soft and plush your fur feels, Olly.

  10. You have a very tuneful yet soothing purr – our mum has gone to sleep!!

  11. Olly, our mama says you can purr for her any day……she also thinks you are one mighty handsome dude!!!!!!!

  12. Awww..Olly sounds like our Chica purring.

  13. kozykatkondo

    YOU have a good sized purr motor!
    We love it!


  14. Oh gee sorry we were logged in under our Dad’s bloggie…it’s only us from ManxMnews!

  15. Squeeeeeeee!!!!

    Sorry, that was our mom! You have one mighty purrbox there, Oliver!
    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  16. The best sound in the world!

  17. Wow, Olly! You’re quite the purring machine!!

  18. Olly – you’re a wonderful purrball with such a deep, rich and loud purr for such a little lad. You’ll be challenging my Zebby Cat at purrrrumbling soon, and Zeb’s purr is very loud and deep.

    Sending huggles to you and Ruby, and to your Beans,
    Michelle and a silently snoozing Zebby

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