The Dishwasher

Hi evfurrybody! Oliver here!

We love looking inside new fings and when the dishwasher door opens the Beans struggle to keep us owt of the way. They tell us that there are sharp knives and nasty chemicals that we need to avoid, but we like to watch Mark  load the dishwasher.

I have a theory abowt how the dishwasher works:  inside there are tiny miniature cats who come owt when the door is closed. They then lick all of the dishes clean – nothing is better for cleaning than a cat’s tongue!


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12 responses to “The Dishwasher

  1. We think your theory makes purrfect sense, Oliver! Your humans should be pleased you’re both already being so much help with the house chores!

  2. Isn’t kitten life fun…everyday a fantastic new discovery!

  3. Oh to be a kitten again!

  4. We think there’s two tiny Cats willing to do a “prewash” sitting on the dishwasher door!

  5. You two are just learning all kinds of things rather quickly and also making yourself very useful. Love the expression in the second picture. You have figured out what all this picture taking is about. Great pictures. Have yourselves a super Sunday.

  6. Dear Oliver – isn’t it so warm when your beans open up the dishwasher so soon after it finishes washing their dishes. Have you tried out the the tea towels yet?
    Ruby seems to like rubbing her chin against the inner racks!

    Sending care and loving huggles to you two darling brit- blue kittycats, and your super caring Beans, Scott and Mark,

    Michelle and a “yet again snoring” Zebby Cat (my rescued feline lad)

  7. Oliver, you are so right. Nuffin cleans as well as a kitty tongue.

  8. Oliver, Harley says he is almost certain you are correct! And you know Harley thinks many, many hours to figure stuff out.

  9. We like your theory, Oliver 😀

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  10. Oliver, that sounds like a very sensible theory to us! and you and Ruby look ready and able to do the pre-rinse cycle!

  11. Oliver
    We love the way you think!


  12. Karen

    Oh Oliver you look sooo mean-want to scare off those cats inside the dishwasher no doubt!!

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