Oliver Plays Ball


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9 responses to “Oliver Plays Ball

  1. That was a terrific! We especially loved it when you disappeared under the sideboard or hutch or whatever it is, and came back out with the ball! Wait till you get a bit bigger and get stuck. MOL!

    P.S. The mom just LOVES the old wide-planked floor and high baseboards!

  2. Hah hah, what great toreador music to accompany your soccer (oops, football) championship! You guys both have great ball handling skills, and we were really impressed with how Oliver retrieved the ball and came out carrying it in his mouth…Oliver, you might train your daddies to play fetch with you! Also was cute how Ruby hopped back in her bed like it was the penalty box and then lept right out to rejoin the fray.

  3. Nothing like a tin foil ball to keep kitties happy for hours 🙂 A day will come in the not too distant future when you will wonder how they ever managed to fit under that sideboard – LOL!

    PS – love the floors!

  4. You two are the funniest little timewasters…I just watched this TWICE…at work! Thanks for the wonderful diversion!
    XX trish

  5. Oh Oliver you are adorable, we loved how your jumped and smacked that crinkle ball around and then dove under the chest and brought it back out.


  6. Bend it like Oliver! We love how you just slid under the sideboard too! 🙂 We can really see that you and Ruby have grown!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  7. Great ball control Olly! We are both VERY impressed! We loved seeing yoo dive under the cupboard (while yoo still can). Cupboards have a funny habit of shrinking over time ~ and suddenly yoo can’t get under ’em!

  8. AS usual, cute overload right under the sideboard and back out again. Oliver you are too cute attacking that ball. Love the music. Loved this whole thing. Take care.

  9. Oh my god the pouncing! Too cute! It happens in slow motion

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