Oliver’s Soft Side

Hi evfurrybody! Oliver here!

I enjoy relaxing abowt the house – as I’m sure evfurryone does. Here’s a picture of me showing you my soft underfurs. I like it when the Beans stroke my tummyfur – it makes me purr.



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8 responses to “Oliver’s Soft Side

  1. Oh, Oliver…The mom is almost desperate to snorgle your adorable belly!

  2. With a tummy that cute, you should come with a warning label. I’m getting woozy!

  3. I ain’t saying nuthink about your relaxed mode Oliver.

  4. Olly, that’s wot I do too! But Milo doesn’t lie down like that.

    Love Alfie xx

  5. Fen

    aaw Oliver your tummy is just adorable!

  6. That is an open invitation for a belleh snorgle!

  7. our Meowmy has the same irresistible urge to snorgle your tummy, Olly!

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