Growing Up

Hello! Ruby here!

We have only lived with the Beans for a few weeks but we have already changed so much. Scott and Mark say we don’t look like kittens anymore, rather we look like miniature versions of our future adult selves (though we still act like kittens of course!).

This is my most recent photo.  You can see my gorgeous eyes – it looks a bit like I’m wearing mascara but I’m not really a girly-girl – I enjoy ninja-style fighting with Oliver. Scott says I am getting longer legs and a sleek and lean body – it’s all the exercise I do that keeps me in great shape. Dangling off stair rails is very good for the upper body.

Here is Oliver. He is already much bigger than me – he has a big tubby tummy but is also very muscly. You can see that his face is much fuller and rounder than mine. He has big fluffy paws. You would think he could roar like a lion but actually he has a tiny little meow. He is much more relaxed than I am – he is happy to lie down and just take things as they come, whereas I need to know everything about everything! He enjoys playing with me and running up and down the stairs, though he is not very well-balanced when he tries to walk on the banisters.

We both love playing with wires and Oliver likes to chew on them so the Beans are trying to find ways to make us stop – they would appreciate any ideas you have.


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18 responses to “Growing Up

  1. Ooo: for the Beans – quilted wire covers? Other beans knitting and crocheting wire-covers out of nasty, hard teeth proof stuff???

    Confess I battle with Zebby-Cat claws as my wallpaper isn’t clawproof – and claw trims only last a wee while. Ah, now – the Beans know about claw trims ………..

    Sending warm and snuggles cuddles to kittehs and beans,

    Mickle on behalf of the super lounge-lizard feline, Zebby-Cat purrrrrumbles

  2. Well… regarding the wires… I’m not sure what to say. A spray bottle usually stopped any of my crazy behaviors, but I don’t think it’d be a good idea to use it around wires, so… not sure. Maybe put something stinky on the wires that would make Ruby and Oliver not want to be near them. Good luck with that.

    Love the pictures an Ruby’s progress report on both of them. Great post.

    pawhugs, Max

  3. Oh Ruby! You’re an adorable little girl kitten! We think you’re absolutely beautiful! We can see that Oliver is going to be a big mancat one day too!

    We wish we had some ideas about getting Oliver to stop chewing on wires. We hope some other comments will help!

  4. Hi Ruby, you are so pretty! You are both growing up so fast. We don’t have any advice about the wires though. Alice chewed a wire once and it bit her……she stopped after that.

  5. Fen

    Spray a bit of citronella spray on the wires, kitties hate the smell/taste of it. Or as said above, get a high powered spray bottle and squirt them when they do it, though if they’re like my ex flatmates cat he loved the spray bottle game!!

  6. Our mom wrapped our Christmas tree lights (the cord) in tin foil. She read that on another cat blog. Not a long-term solution, but a short-term deterrent. Also, you can get those plastic wire covers, I think. Just narrow plastic tubes with a slit to fit over the wire. Or maybe that’s for a collection of wires. Probably your beans could make them out of a narrow plastic tube of some sort.

    Good luck!

  7. You two sure are growing up now. But you still give us cute overload. We don’t have a solution for chewing the wires except my some new toys for you to chew on. Or cover them with a rug or something. Good to see you two. Have a great week end.

  8. Mum hsn’t any ideas about wire covers cos she’s never ever had a cat that chewed them. We suppose how you cover the wires depends on whether they are going round the walls or going across the floor. If she has a brain storm (unlikely!!) she’ll get back to you.

  9. Our Chica used to chew on wires and even pull the plug out of the socket. we cover our wires with foil, toilet or paper towel rolls or they sell wire covers in the baby proofing section of stores. You guys are growing up fast.

  10. You are both good-looking kittens. And you are growing up. Jan says we all grew up too fast. But she loves us as adults too.

  11. They grow up so fast ::sniff::

    Casper (our white boy) is a huge chewer and has gone through so many cords at our house we are amazed he wasn’t electrocuted! We now buy flexible clear tubing, cut it to the length we need then slit it down one side and slip he cords inside. It works very well.

  12. Karen

    Maybe get drinking straws and cut it down one length and then slip over the wires. You do have your hands full! They are growing so quickly!

  13. Mom says we have never really chewed on anything…but you can get that plastic tubing that protect wires.
    Ruby you and Oliver are so adorable.


  14. You two are growing up so fast! Mum says to try Bitter Apple spray on the cords, it shouldn’t damage them and the kitties hate the taste. You can buy it in pet stores.

  15. Milo used to love chewing wires and cables when he was little. He once chewed through 3 (yes 3!) mobile phone chargers in a week. Mom was cross as they cost a lot to replace. She bought wire protectors (a sort of curly cable cover yoo put over the wire) but it soon became apparent that yoo couldn’t cover ALL wires. So then steps were taken to conceal as many wires as possible. Phones were charged in a room behind a locked door. They’re still charged like that now ~ ‘cos Milo will still take a nibble whenever he gets a chance. He’s norty like that!!!

    Love Alfie xx

  16. PS: Yoo two are VERY pretty (Ruby) and handsome (Oliver)!

  17. Hi Ruby! I like to chew wires too. I’ve chewed through the wire on the coffee pot, on the telephone, and the worst thing I did…the TV!! My mom bought some bitter apple and puts it on the wires to stop me from chewing. That sorta works. And then she got these plastic tube thingeys that are flexible and you put them over the wires. Those work pretty good to stop me from chewing.


  18. We think you two are growing up very quickly too…into very lovely young cats! We agree with the suggestions of some sort of plastic tubing to cover the wires, plus a squirt with a spray bottle if caught in the act. Louie still paws at the cables hanging down under the ‘puter desk or the phone & electric cords in the bedroom if he’s feeling norty hungry…he says the easiest solution is for Meowmy to get up and feed him!

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