The V-E-T

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here!

This morning we were happily sleeping in the crow’s nest of our enormouse cat-climby-thing when Scott bundled us into the travel box to take us to the V-E-T. We each had a giant injection – Scott says we are now microchipped so if ever we get lost he will be able to find us. We’re happy abowt that but it still hurt. I made sure I gave a little surprised yelp to make sure Scott felt extra guilty and would give us snacks when we got home.


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19 responses to “The V-E-T

  1. Oh, wait till you go for your snip-snip, Oliver, and Ruby goes for her lady gardenectomy! What fun you’ll have then! That’ll mean A LOT of treats!

  2. Yes, a yelp will will translate into huge amounts of guilt and that squeezing feeling around your human’s heart…yup that will do it all right!

  3. Yes, it’s never good to let them think you enjoy being at the v-e-t. Always yelp a little and squirm around… Hope tomorrow there aren’t any nasty surprises for you.

    pawhugs, Max

  4. How do you like the car? We sound like fire sirens singing opera, if you can imagine that.
    Play that pity card for all it’s worth!

  5. Oliver
    Dont let them off with just one treat — definitely spread it out and pretend that you’re hurting really bad where they microchipped you!

    Gotta keep up appearances!


  6. Oliver, we know that you didn’t really hurt when that microchip went in because you are a mancat in training (working your way toward becoming a mancat in full). Humans can be guilt-tripped into loads of treats, and you know exactly how to trip them.

  7. heh heh Oliver, play that pity card for all it’s worth! great picture of the two of you together…so easy to tell who is who from the boy cat/girl cat shape of your faces.

  8. I got my microchipped when I was spayed, so it all happened at once. I was NOT happy! But remember your humans do these things because they love you.

  9. Dear Olly – confirming that microchipping kitty-cats is so important for your Beans and for yourselves. Big needles are never nice, but the stuff they deliver will help keep your beautiful selves safe – even my rescued cat, Zebby, has a wee microchip since he chose to live here with me.

    You are both growing to be so strong and even better looking than before, sending care and warm huggles, Michelle

  10. Harley and I got chips inside of us, too. But we never got any dip to go with it. Rats!

  11. We have got chips too – they were done by the shelter before mum brought us home.

  12. Hi Olly and Ruby,

    We think it’s good yoo were chipped ~ just in case. Yoo’re too preshus to get lost!

  13. Handsome Oliver and Gorgeous Ruby…….we are sad to hear you had to visit the dreaded v-e-t, but hopefully that won’t happen again for ages and ages.

    YAY for your microchips, even if they hurt a bit. Mama would love for us to have microchips, but in the meantime we are watched very carefully so we don’t get out the front door!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love to all of you.

  14. Oh noooooos not the Vet. But we are glad you have those chips in you now so you can be found. That is very important. I bet you behaved at the vet too. Good job making that extra yelp. Take care you two. Have a great Tuesday.

  15. We are sorry it hurt but a microchip is very essential in case you get lost!

  16. We hope you got lots of snacks when you got home! It is impawtant to be chipped though but it’s just as impawtant to be duly rewarded for having to do it!

  17. Oh we hope you two would never get lost!!

  18. Hello folks! Oliver, theese is excellent that you gave a little yelp for emphasis, theese should get you a helping of Num-Nums. And that little grumpy face you’z making, well I thinks that is also good for a few treats as well. Keep up the good work! And if you needs any coaching…you knows where to find me…

  19. Oliver, thank you for offering to be my big brother with good advice! I have only been to the vet once so far, and I don’t have my microchip yet.


    And I didn’t know your dads are from Australia! How exciting!

    Huffle Mawson

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