Our Bowls

Hi evfurrybody! Oliver here!

I thought I’d show yoo our speshull bowls. This is my bowl with my very own name on it and lots of blue stars. Scott says that’s because I am a star!

Ruby’s bowl has pink and red love hearts on it. She is a bit embarrassed abowt that cos she thinks it’s too GERLY, so she always tries to eat owt of MY bowl.

This is our water bowl – its bigger and has both of our names on it. One day I will be able to read and tell yoo which name is which!

Scott says he had the bowl made speshully for us at Emma Bridgewater, an English pottery in Stoke-on-Trent. They paint yoor names on the bowls and then they are glazed and fired.


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11 responses to “Our Bowls

  1. Your bowls are beautiful!!! What lucky kitties you are 🙂

  2. Oh Ruby your bowl is so beautiful nothing to be embarrassed about.
    All the bowls are fabulous!


  3. Oh you two are SO cute…..and even your food bowls are cute!! You’re very lucky kitties to have such fancy pants bowls.

  4. Fen

    aaw those bowls are awesome.

  5. How nice to have your very own bowl – the only thing that worries us is that we can’t read so we wouldn’t which bowl beonged to who!!

  6. What lovely bowls! Mine does not have my name it on, I’m a bit deprived.

  7. Your bowls are totally fabulous!

  8. Dear Oliver, yoor bowls are wonderful with such lovely patterns on them. My Zebby eats off Cornishware bowls made back in the 1960s that are from my Grandma’s home. I so loved eating breakfast off them that I knew Zebby would enjoy food from them too.

    These bowls have big, wide blue stripes – not that Zebby notices as he is more interested in the food than what it is on. I’m sure you know better about special food bowls for special cats like you dear self. Now, please do what you can to stop Ruby eating from your bowl, dear Oliver, as you need all the food you are allowed to grow as your body wants and needs to (so you can become lovely big Oliver).

    Sending great big huggles and tummy rubs, Michelle (Zebby is sleeping so I can get away with this just now)

  9. Those bowls are AWESOME. Do they do mail order? Do they have a website?

    Love Milo and Alfie xx

  10. What nice looking bowls, Oliver! we hope you and Ruby get to eat lots of wonderful foods out of them and drink lots of fresh water, too. It looks like we can buy Emma Bridgewater ceramics here in the US, but can’t get it customized so nicely nor have as many choices in patterns…

  11. It shows that both of you are quite special, with your own personalized food and water bowls.

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