The Ruby Report

Hi everyone. This is Ruby (Sentabali Smart Cookie) presenting the Ruby Report.

Just after lunch Bean #1 (Scott) left Headquarters with Oliver. I spent the afternoon with Bean #2 (Mark) observing computer protocols. I have almost learnt how to send emails – such a primitive communication system but humans seem to like it nevertheless. I also managed some snoozing time on Mark’s desk.

I questioned Oliver on his return and it seems that he had been visiting Auntie Jane. Oliver wasn’t quite sure but he thinks that Scott is going to enter him in the Lancashire Cat Club 63rd All Breed Championship Show. He and Jane were discussing how to fill in the entry forms and what to do in preparation for the show. Let me make it quite clear that I think it’s wrong to be objectifying cats in a “beauty pageant” but Oliver doesn’t seem to mind. He quite likes the idea of a day out where people can come and admire him but I can’t think of anything worse. Anyway, Scott is very happy that Jane has offered to be his show-buddy on the day.

I wish them luck but I think Scott just has to relax and not be a stage-mother. If Oliver enjoys it then fine, if not he must stay here at HQ with me.

I will make sure I groom Oliver extra well the night before the show.



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12 responses to “The Ruby Report

  1. Ruby, we echo your sentiments. Home is best, ‘specially since you don’t have to endure car rides in the house (thank Bast!). We sorta think Oliver might be crazypants!

  2. dancingwithfrogs

    Watch out! I took my first Cavalier, Sarah, to “just one show” and spent the next 5 years traipsing from show to show, breeding them, sending bitches interstate to be mated… you name it I did it.

    Only the birth of my first child ended the madness.

  3. Hi Ruby. We think you have a very sensible attitude…if Oliver wants to travel with Daddy Scott to cat shows to have people admire him, then it’s o.k.; otherwise he should stay home with you. And not make you go if you don’t want to. Meowmy has been to a few local cat shows and the hardest part for her is she wasn’t allowed to pet any of the cats, even though they were begging her to…rules to keep people from spreading diseases amongst the kitties makes sense but sure frustrated her since she enjoys the “hands on” experience of cats!

  4. If Oliver does not want to be in shows, then he will make it clear he doesn’t. We are sure no one will try to make him do what he doesn’t want to do.

  5. Fen

    aah Ruby you’re a smart cat, staying at home is preferable. But here’s hoping Oliver does well and all the fame doesn’t go to his head!

  6. Um, will there be lots of pupparazzi at this show? If so, I would be staying home for sure.

  7. Ruby, this is very exciting for Oliver! I would be far too skerred to do anything like that though.

  8. We wouldn’t like to go where there are lots of people looking at you and talking about you – we would sooner be at home.

  9. Ruby we think you have the right idea!


  10. Ruby, you are the smart one. We do hope Oliver does well in the show but I bet he doesn’t have much fun doing that. You will have much more fun staying home. That is so nice of you to wash Oliver before the show. Keep us posted. What does Oliver have to do in the show??

  11. Awww I hope Oliver has fun! Nice that you’re willing to help even though you disagree with him participating 🙂

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