Our Cat Tree

Hi evfurrybody! Oliver here!

Some of yoo have been asking where out cat tree came from. We live in England and it came from Uncle Russell at Russell Hardy Designs catscratcher.com. He has lots of different cat scratchers.

By the way I want yoo to know that I am very happy to be going in a Cat Show. Scott says he will be wif me all the time apart from when the judges come and look at my furs and stuff. He also says that if I don’t like it or get stressed he will not do it again. It will be fun because my daddy (Fat Albert) will probably also be in the show! He won Best of Breed at the Merseyside Cat Show last year. Scott says I come from a long line of pedigree prize winners so it’s in my blood – half of my great-grandparents and two thirds of my great-great grandparents were show prize winners. I am also a very laid back boy and I nevver get stressed owt and I love people. At the show I don’t have to do anything except look handsome and let the judges handle me. All the cats are checked by a vet to make sure that nobody spreads any diseases plus when the public come in during the afternoon they are careful not to touch you or give you werms.



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10 responses to “Our Cat Tree

  1. Oliver… Congrats on being in the cat show. I hope you’ll have lots of pictures to show when it’s over. Good luck…

    pawhugs, Max

  2. Oliver. we are so glad you are excited about your cat show. We know you will win the blue ribbon just because you are so handsome. Do you have to go practice some.? Take care and have a fun day.

  3. We are pleased you will enjoy going to the cat show – we hope you win a big prize. Please ask your dad to show us some pictures of you at the show.

  4. Wow, how exciting for you! Congrats. Can’t wait to hear about the show! Say hi to the Paw-purr-azzi, will ya?

  5. Oliver, I know you will do great!

  6. Oliver, in addition to being handsome, your laid back attitude will stand you in good stead at the cat show! Our Meowmy went to a cat show once and some Meezers were hissing the judge and one tried to put the bitey on her! This was Definitely Not a Good Thing.

  7. Demand treats. Seriously. You have to get something out of this.

  8. we love going to cat shows and seeing all the kitties!

  9. Fanks for the link re the cat tree ~ we’re working on mom!

  10. Pee Ess…Meowmy for some reason thought it was very very funny about the public not giving you werms….

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