We’re Stylish!

Hi evfurrybody! Oliver here!

Thank yoo to Cat’s Cat’s (Ben, Archie, Casper, Jimmy – and Cat of course!) for our Stylish Blogger Award! We are so onnerd as we are less than four months old! I will let Ruby take over the rest of this post as she is a better spella than me and she can type faster.

Thanks Oliver – Ruby here. The rules of the Stylish Blogger Award are that you reveal seven things about yourselves that people may not know and then name seven more blogs to pass the award on to. Here goes:

1. I am a bit embarrassed about this but I enjoy chewing on things. I particularly like paper – putting the bitey on the covers of books is my specialty.

2. Oliver carries toy mice and his ball of aluminium foil around the house in his mouth – just like a dog.

3. We are still a bit wary of human toes. The Beans usually wear socks, shoes or slippers, so when we see toes we get a bit freaked out.

4. Our own paw pads and toes are a lovely aubergine/eggplant colour.

5. Our favourite treat is prawns.

6. We sometimes get into mischief. Scott gets worried when he can’t hear what we’re up to. The other day we discovered where he hid the new feathers-on-a-stick and Oliver pulled three apart. We also discovered where Mark keeps receipts and bills and decided to shred some.

7. We love computers. We sit on laptops. We lie on keyboards. We chew on wires and play with the mouse. We type with our paws and sometimes with our bottoms. I even managed to complete a Wikipedia search AND print it through the wireless connection to the printer upstairs. Scott thinks I am a cyber-hacker.

There are so many blogs we love and we know that the Stylish Blogger Award is very popular at the moment, so we would be very happy for the first seven commenters to this post who would like the Award to have it with our warmest compliments!


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10 responses to “We’re Stylish!

  1. Oh this is really lovely.
    YOU are both so adorable, but we especially enjoyed #7!
    Did a wiki search and printed it…now what was that on?
    Good noms??


  2. If you are gonna be norty, try this: One of you run around and sound like a herd of wombats, and the other complete the nortyness. You Humans will NEVER suspect! The quietness will trip you up every time. Oh, and #7? PURE GENIUS!

  3. Oh, now I HAVE to see your pawpads!

  4. We enjoyed reading these fun facts. We’ve already had this one though ~ so we’ll let the next person claim it.

  5. Congrats on your award. Those are some great facts about you. Glad you discovered the thrill of shredding paper. That is the best. Ok, now we need a picture of those paw pads. Take care and have a wonderful week.

  6. Hi there kittes, I’m glad you enjoyed your award…I know you are young ‘uns yet, but you already have tremendous style!!! I’m not certain what the fascination with computers is for kitties, but it seems to be a universal phenomenon …my laptop is a magnet for every cat in the house – LOL!

  7. You two are so much fun! We think Mark should be very happy that you shredded some bills! We think it’s funny that your beans found out your a cyber-hacker!

  8. Oliver, you are my hero!

    Teddy Westlife

  9. Congrats on your award! Totally deserved! By the sounds of things, you two are getting into the world of the interwebs (and computers) quite early, good on ya! PS. I likes Wikipedia as well, good choice, us felines can learn lots of interesting things on theese one!

  10. We think your blog is very stylish! we all giggled about typing with your paws and bottoms, ’cause we all do that, too…Fuzzy typed a secret message in Meowmy’s Facebook page the other day when she wrote about wanting to open a Neko cafe!

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