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Ruby’s Update

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here! Do you like my close-up?

We are going to be “off the air” for a few days as Scott is going to London (to visit the Queen if my knowledge of nursery rhymes is correct).

I hope he has a nice time. He better bring us back some treats. I’m just saying.



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The Hole in the Floor

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here! I have to tell yoo abowt a secret place I have found!

In the Beans’ bedroom next to the fireplace there is a hole in the floorboards. Scott says that it used to hold the wire that was attached to the servant’s bell in the lower grownd floor. I don’t know what a servant is – I guess it’s like the Beans: they give yoo food and give yoo pets when yoo want. Anyway, the bell and the wire are long gone but the hole is still there.

I enjoy snoopervising the hole. Sometimes I stick not only my paw but my entire leg down there to see what I can dig up! I found a screwed up piece of paper, some fur balls and lots of old sooty dust!

Scott says I am quite the detecktive!


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Special Delivfurry #2

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here! As you can see from my expression I am very excited about a special delivery.

When Scott unwrapped the package there was this flat round thing inside.

Then he unhooked the tabs and it sprang up into this – a big blue laundry basket. It’s even better than the one upstairs that the Beans actually use for laundry (remember the film with us playing in it?). Plus this one is just for us!

We love it because it’s made of shiny material that’s also a bit see through, which means that one of us can do shadow puppets on the outside.

It’s like our own  little cubby house.

It’s Oliver’s favourite thing at the moment.



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Bruvfurs and Sisfurs

Hi evfurrybody – Oliver here!

We were having a look at Auntie Jane’s website and saw our picture! Yoo can click on the picture to make it bigger. We also fink that some of the other kittens might be our bruvfurs and sisfurs who we haven’t seen since last year! They all look very happy with their new Beans!


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Oliver Gets Bored

Mousey. Swimmin’ with the fishes.


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Oliver Plays With Mousey


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Oliver’s Repawt

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here with Oliver’s Repawt. As yoo can see, we’re not allowed on the kitchen table at breakfast time. The thing is, Ruby and I love the table ‘cos it’s made of glass – one of us can sit on top and the other underneath and we can still see each uvver and play paw batting.

Hey, I didn’t know the compooter has its own built-in flashy box!

Here – this is my good side. If I work my profile and show my chubby cheeks I can usually get away wif fings.


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Hello everyone! Ruby here! I have to tell you all that we think we are being mistreated. Did you know that we only get fed four times a day?

I have decided to take matters into my own hands.


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The Book Bitey

Watch as Ruby puts the bitey on book covers – her secret shame.


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Our Coats of Arms

Hello! It’s Ruby here.

The other day Scott decided that we needed our own coats of arms so he got on the web and found a site where he could design them online.

This is mine. If you click on the picture you can see it bigger. My motto is Swift and Bold. The shield is surrounded by oak laurels as we are English cats. On my shield are four symbols: a proud cat (like me); a helmet of armour to represent my warrior status; a crown to show my regal nature; and a heart with an arrow through it to symbolise my loving side.

Oliver’s motto is “A Steadfast Heart”. He has the same oak laurel and cat symbol. His crown is a little different to mine and his heart has wings. His final symbol is the Unicorn, representing his purity of heart, innocence and grace.

We think they sum us perfectly – though I should really have a symbol of a chewed up book cover and Oliver a ball of aluminium foil.


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