My furst offishal pawtrait

Hi evfurrybody! Oliver here! This is my furst offishal pawtrait that Scott took of me. He says I am getting more handsome by the day.

He tried to also get one of me and Ruby together. I was very patient but as yoo can see, Ruby either looked skerred…

…or blurry.

He says he needs to buy a faster lens, but that sounds expensive.




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12 responses to “My furst offishal pawtrait

  1. dancingwithfrogs

    The eyes in that last photo are scary!!

  2. Fen

    ha ha Ruby, you’re wonderful, keep up the shenanigans. Oliver you are a very handsome boy.

  3. You’re both getting fuller and even more gorgeous! Beautiful portrait!

  4. Good posing, Oliver! I think Ruby will get better with time, even though I think the skerred look is very cute.

  5. Oliver – you are a handsome fellow – no wonder you like getting in front of the camera!! Ruby – you are gorgeous – don’t be shy – if you’ve got it flaunt it!!

  6. Oh how cute! Oliver, yoo pose beautifull ~ and we agree wiv wot Daisy said abowt Ruby, the skerred look is cute!

  7. I don’t think Ruby looks scared I think she looks beautiful!

  8. Oliver, we cannot imagine that it’s possible for you to get any handsomer…please prove us wrong! You are growing some fine whisker humps and all the girls are gonna luuuurve on you.

  9. What a beautiful picture Oliver!!!

  10. Oliver, you’ve grown so much already since your first kitten photos! And you’ve grown even handsomer, if that’s possible.

  11. Hi Oliver & Ruby!!! We are very pleased to meet you!! We think you both are very cute!!
    Your TX furiends,

  12. Hi Oliver. Your pawtrait looks great…Scott did a good job of finding a background that makes you look especially handsome (pawsome?) and elegant. Ruby does look a bit anxious…but maybe a few more photo sessions and some treats will help her enjoy it more.

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