The Pawtrait Outtakes

Oliver: Let’s put the bitey on this chair.

Oliver: In fact I think I’ll put the claw on this tassel instead.

Ruby: You can keep the tassel, I’m going for these…

Ruby: I think I’ll put the claw on this blind cord.

Ruby: ….and the bitey.

Ruby: Or maybe I’ll go for the other one.

Scott: Can you two just hold still for one second!!

Oliver: Um…OK.

Ruby: What shall we do now?

Oliver: I don’t know about yoo Ruby but I’m tired.

Ruby: Yeah me too – out of the way Oliver, I was here first!




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16 responses to “The Pawtrait Outtakes

  1. dancingwithfrogs

    Now that’s more like it!!

  2. Ha, now those were great! 😀

  3. Great outtakes. You have great patience to wait for that perfect shot. And you got it.

    pawhugs, Max

  4. We luv those cute out takes.

  5. That yawning picture is priceless!

  6. The outtakes are just as good as the official portrait 🙂 I hate to be a pessimist, however I don’ think those tassels are long for this world – LOL!!!

  7. Those were adorable, and the “out takes” were as good as the ‘official’ portrait!



  8. Oh, those are great! The yawn picture is really cute! (our Meowmy wants to tell your Daddies to be careful with the blinds cords…she seems to think you could get tangled up in them or dangle from them or something…).

  9. I think the outtakes are the best photos! The one of you yawning, Oliver, is great!

  10. Mol! Cute outtakes!!! Minnie likes to whap the blind cords here 🙂

    Pip, Smidge, Minnie, and Hollie

  11. Great pictures you two cute kitties. Guess we have to stop saying cute now since you are growing up and so now you are handsome Oliver and gorgeous Ruby. Have a nice Sunday.

  12. Adorable outtakes! Yoo two are sooper-stars!

  13. Love the commentary ….Scott: Can you two just hold still for one second!! 🙂

    PS. Your window area looks magnificent.

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