Oliver in the Box

Hi evfurrybody! It’s Oliver here. I have to tell yoo abowt a worrying situayshun – we fink the werld is getting smaller. When we furst got here this box was verry roomy and lots of fun. Yoo can see Ruby in the box here.

As yoo will see, this box is getting smaller and smaller evfurry day.

We don’t know what to do! Anyway – I guess I’ll keep trying to fit in the box and maybe I can help to stretch it owt before it disappears!



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13 responses to “Oliver in the Box

  1. Fen

    aaah Oliver, you’re too cute.
    Cats + boxes = awesome

  2. I’ve heard that if you wet something, you can make it stretch a bit. Maybe put your box in the bath?

  3. The same thing happened to us, Oliver! We’re glad you’re keeping an eye on things.

  4. Did somebuddy put your box in the dryer and shrunked it all up?

  5. Oliver, it’s time to ask your “dad” for a new box! 😀

  6. Yes, definately time for a newer, bigger and (paws crossed) even better box!

  7. These strange things happened to us too. Our bed used to be BIG ~ not now! Our den was HUGE ~ not now! Even our food bowls shrunked. It’s very strange.

  8. There must be a conspiracy going on because everything here shrinks too except for Lucy and me.
    Luv Hannah xx

  9. The world does get smaller for some reason! You will be a mancat when you get to One Year Old – that’s when you reach sexual maturity! I hope we haven’t said too much for someone your young age!!!!

  10. We hope you can stretch out the box, Oliver. We remember a time when efurrything shrunk on us too!

    At least you’re all nice and snug there…

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  11. oh dear Oliver you look so worried … s’okay, really.
    there will be bigger boxes very soon.

  12. You’re growing up so fast, Oliver… still as cute as ever, though.

  13. Brilliant.

    Wonderful photos! I do love me a cat in a box. 🙂

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