Our Coats of Arms

Hello! It’s Ruby here.

The other day Scott decided that we needed our own coats of arms so he got on the web and found a site where he could design them online.

This is mine. If you click on the picture you can see it bigger. My motto is Swift and Bold. The shield is surrounded by oak laurels as we are English cats. On my shield are four symbols: a proud cat (like me); a helmet of armour to represent my warrior status; a crown to show my regal nature; and a heart with an arrow through it to symbolise my loving side.

Oliver’s motto is “A Steadfast Heart”. He has the same oak laurel and cat symbol. His crown is a little different to mine and his heart has wings. His final symbol is the Unicorn, representing his purity of heart, innocence and grace.

We think they sum us perfectly – though I should really have a symbol of a chewed up book cover and Oliver a ball of aluminium foil.



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9 responses to “Our Coats of Arms

  1. We LOVE your coats of arms! They’re fabulous and of course we’ll send our human to check out that site!

  2. Wow, how fantastic I love the symbols you have chosen and both of their mottos!!! Thanks for sharing the site, I’ll check it out and we’ll ALL have coats of arms 🙂

  3. Wow you two are pretty fancy with your coats of arms!

  4. Ruby, your and Oliver’s coat of arms is pawsome! We’ll have to check out the site too 🙂

    Pip, smidgen, minnie, and hollie

  5. Those Coat of Arms are brilliant – we’ll ask mum to find the site for us so we can decide if there is anything there that is “us”.

  6. Those are just terrific. Love all the symbols. Isn’t that fun having that for each one of you. But you deserve it since you are so darn cute and good looking. Take care.

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