The Book Bitey

Watch as Ruby puts the bitey on book covers – her secret shame.



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11 responses to “The Book Bitey

  1. Have you given her a good-sized cardboard box yet? We think she might be like our Nicki and have a penchant for chewing cardboard. 🙂

  2. We second Fuzzy Tales’ suggestion!! Those baby teeth must be starting to itch to fall out…and of course, some of us just LOVE to chew. Felix can make lace out of an entire sheet of paper with his paper punchers in a very short time.

  3. Hevva

    Love the book chewing!
    Do you know how embarrassing it is to return library books that have teeth marks in the cover and/or pages, or pages ripped to shreds? Thanks Garfield!

  4. dancingwithfrogs

    Maris is a cardboard chewer.

  5. Zebby Cat has joyfully demolished three corrigated cardboard catnip scratch boards. Ruby – encourage your Beans to get you one as you’ll get an excellent tooth and jaw workout!

  6. Personally, I don’t see the shame. Ruby is keeping herself entertained.

  7. I enjoy envelope-glue licking. But book biting looks pretty fun, too!

  8. We’ve put the bitey on lots of things but haven’t tried a book YET !!

  9. Happy Valentine’s Day to yoo all!

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