Oliver’s Repawt

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here with Oliver’s Repawt. As yoo can see, we’re not allowed on the kitchen table at breakfast time. The thing is, Ruby and I love the table ‘cos it’s made of glass – one of us can sit on top and the other underneath and we can still see each uvver and play paw batting.

Hey, I didn’t know the compooter has its own built-in flashy box!

Here – this is my good side. If I work my profile and show my chubby cheeks I can usually get away wif fings.


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8 responses to “Oliver’s Repawt

  1. We have a glass table too, but it’s only a small one in the living room. Now we want a big one like yours…

    pawhugs, Max

  2. I only like to be photographed from the left too, Oliver.

  3. We’re pretty sure that those cheeks would let you get away with ANYTHING you wanted with our Mom, Oliver!

  4. Oliver – just watch out that your mom doesn’t photograph your (whispers) spot 13 from underneath the table.
    Just saying.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Oliver, you could get away with ANYTHING with that profile! And you know, having two Daddies is SO COOL…cuz Mommy is nortorious for being stingy with treats whereas Daddy is not. You two are gonna be SO SPOILT. We envy you!

  6. A glass table and a super shiny floor for batting toys across – your kitchen is fun!

  7. We suspect yoo are SO CUTE, yoo can get away wiv ennyfin!

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