Oliver Plays With Mousey


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8 responses to “Oliver Plays With Mousey

  1. Karen

    That mouse looks soooo real!

  2. That looks like loads of fun! Your video really shows off how plush and full your coats and tails are!

  3. You were really giving that mousey a good going over Oliver. He seemed to enjoy being whapped and bitten!!

  4. Oliver, you are FIRST CLASS at Mousey! We laughed when Ruby ambushed you.

  5. Oliver, you had one good time with mousie. We used to love little mice like that one. Ruby just had to get in on your shot Oliver. Too funny. Take care you two silly kittens.

  6. Oliver, we fink yoo were teasing Ruby-Ninja a little bit! Yoo were showing her the mousie and then hogging it! MOL!

  7. You are playing hard Oliver! Teddy plays like that too.

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