Special Delivfurry #2

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here! As you can see from my expression I am very excited about a special delivery.

When Scott unwrapped the package there was this flat round thing inside.

Then he unhooked the tabs and it sprang up into this – a big blue laundry basket. It’s even better than the one upstairs that the Beans actually use for laundry (remember the film with us playing in it?). Plus this one is just for us!

We love it because it’s made of shiny material that’s also a bit see through, which means that one of us can do shadow puppets on the outside.

It’s like our own  little cubby house.

It’s Oliver’s favourite thing at the moment.



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17 responses to “Special Delivfurry #2

  1. Wow, Ruby, you and Oliver are training up your Beans really well!

  2. Where did you get that…? HH wants to get one for the boys.

    thanks and pawhugs, Max

  3. That looks like a really fun toy! We think you two would probably love our tunnel that’s made out of the same material.

    Our Mom ‘squeeeed’ at the picture of you two sleeping in the hamper!!

  4. We also loved the picture of you two peeking out of the laundry tunnel. That is so purrfect. That is one terrific place for you two. We might have to find that on Ebay. You two are just as cute as ever.

  5. Fen

    aaw guys you look so happy. My cat has two tunnels and she adores them, there’s much fun to be had running through them.

  6. We love the pictures of you in your new “toy”. We know you will have great games in there and bet it makes a lovely rustle when you run about in it.

  7. what a great new thing to have for you 2. Gidget and Lola are envious!. Have a great weekend and enjoy your new space.

  8. Your own shiny laundry basket, that’s neat! But where’s the laundry? It would be even more fun with some laundry in it. Clean laundry would be just right.

  9. Now, that is a Kitten toy if we’ve ever seen one! Well, and a Cat toy, too…hey Mommy!?!
    You two are so cute peeking out of the fabric top.

  10. Could the 2 of you possibly be any cuter in your new “toy”!?

  11. That is possibly the best thing ever. Scott is very good to you two.

  12. p.s. Teddy is a little bit in love with you, Ruby.

  13. Couldn’t help but notice that while Ruby is super curious and excited dear Oliver combines his milder curiosity with a full-on Show Cat style pose!

    Oh my, I expect Oliver to be wowing the judges at his first kitty-cat show with looks like this. Meanwhile Ruby would be at home, busy plotting how to take over another part of Her home from the beans.

    Oliver and Ruby – you are so gorgeous and utterly huggable,
    sending care and huggles, Michelle (with Zebby once more snoring away in the background)

  14. OMC! Yoo two are SO lucky! Yoo’ve definitely got Scott under yoor paws! MOL!

  15. You are such lovely cats and much easier to tell apart now that we know the secret. Looks like you’ve got the best toy in the world to play in. You’ve got your daddies right in the palms of your paws!

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