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In Tray

Hi evfurrybody Oliver here! As yoo can see I take top priority in Scott’s In Tray. He can deal wif me furst by giving me head scritches and chin rubs.

Uh-oh it looks like Ruby wants in on the action!

Ah – a verry clevver solootion! This way we can both watch Berd TV!


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Oliver’s Intervyoo Wif Teddy Westlife

Hi evfurrybody! This is Oliver repawting.

When my sisfur Ruby told me abowt her noo boyfriend I was very surprised as until now Teddy had only been a blogger buddy of ours. I should have noticed the luvvy-duvvy messages that Ruby and Teddy were sending each uvver in the comments.

I am eight minutes older than Ruby, so as her big bruvver I am very protective of her. Before I give my consent I need to work owt whether Teddy is a sootable  match for my sisfur as she is verry speshull to me. Teddy was kind enuff to take part in an intervyoo.

Here is my intervyoo wif Teddy:

OLIVER: Where do yoo live? Is it far from north-west England?

TEDDY: I live in Melbourne, Australia.  It is a very very long way from England, mum has been to England twice but dad has never even been there!

OLIVER: Why are yoo called Teddy Westlife?

TEDDY:Dad chose the name Teddy because he thought it was cute, and since everyone in my house has two names, mum picked Westlife after Teddy Westside from How I Met Your Mother.  She made a mistake and thought it was Westlife.  I don’t mind, I think it’s a cool name.

OLIVER: How would you describe yourself?

TEDDY: I am very enthusiastic about everything, and I am very busy.  I have a lot to do every single day.  Mum says I am the happiest little camper she has ever met.  But dad also calls me Teddy Monster.

OLIVER: What is yoor favourite pastime?

TEDDY: Playing!  I have many toys to play with, and I make sure to give them equal time every day if I can.  I am also a big fan of eating.

OLIVER: Which toy do yoo prefer? The mousie or the foil ball?

TEDDY: Mousie, but if there is a foil ball around, I will play that too!

OLIVER: Do yoo have yoor own fevver-on-a-stick?

TEDDY: I have a bear-on-a-stick, fevvers are hard to come by here for some reason.

OLIVER: What sort of food do yoo like? Do yoo like prawns?

TEDDY: I like ALL food!  I have never had prawns but Huffle says they are the best food ever, and she knows a lot, so I believe her.

OLIVER: What do yoo fink of GERLS?

TEDDY: Um, I don’t know many gerls, only mum and Huffle.  I like them both well enough.

OLIVER: Do yoo have any tattoos? (Ruby wanted to know that one)

TEDDY: Yes I am a very big tough mancat and I have one tattoo!  In my ear, from when I was new-terred.

OLIVER: Ruby will be happy wif that. Cats are not tattooed in England when they have their NEW-TERS. What is yoor idea of a romantic evening with yoor gerlfriend?

TEDDY: Having a nice snack together, maybe a little wrestling match, and then settling down on my toasty blanket for a cozy nap together.

OLIVER: How do yoo fink yoo would cope wif a long distance relationship?

TEDDY: I think it would be okay, because I have easy access to the interwebs and I know how to do FaceTime on mum’s iPhone.  Huffle uses iChat all the time on the iMac to talk to her best friend Zimmie, so I’m sure she could show me how to do that too.

OLIVER: Ruby is very clevver and she spends lots of time trying to werk fings owt. Do yoo have the patience for such fings? Or are yoo like me and would rather just lie arownd  wif yoor head upside down and yoor legs in the air?

TEDDY: I like a bit of both.  If I want to do something, I will not give up trying, even if dad picks me up and moves me somewhere else, or even if I get the dreaded water pistol squirt in the face.  I will not be thwarted!  But I don’t mind hanging around with my paws in the air if the occasion calls for it.

OLIVER: Thank yoo Teddy. Is there anyfing else yoo would like to say?

TEDDY: I hope I passed the test!  I am looking forward to having you as my big brother-in-law Oliver, I’m sure you can teach me lots!

Well folks, there yoo have it! I fink I can safely say that I am impressed wif Teddy’s answers. I give Ruby and Teddy my blessing!


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Ruby’s Announcement

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here!

I have a very special announcement to make – I have a boyfriend!

His name is Teddy Westlife and he lives in Australia – so it’s going to be a tough, long distance relationship kind of thing. I’m sure we will send letters to each other expressing our hearts’ desires and have lots of deep and meaningful conversations.

Teddy is a reformed stray cat from the mean streets of Melbourne (oooooh I wonder if he has a tattoo?), so he has a very mysterious and probably very exciting past! Teddy lives with one of my heroes – her name is Huffle Mawson. Huffle doesn’t like Teddy all that much but I bet that’s because she was set in her ways with her humans before Teddy came along. I’m sure he will soon charm his way into Huffle’s heart!

I know Scott and Mark would probably have wanted me to have a nice English boyfriend with a pedigree (my olds are such squares!) but I think Teddy is cute and is going to grow up into a handsome mancat.  He has long white whiskers and lovely green eyes! He’ll probably learn to ride a motorcycle and join a band and I can hang out with them as they tour the country. Being Australian, Teddy also probably likes surfing.

Also get this  – I am six months old and Teddy is only five months old, which means I have a younger man! That makes me a COUGAR like those ladies on the TV. Raaaaaar!

I haven’t told my brother Oliver yet – I hope he approves.


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Just Lying Around

Hi evfurrybody! Oliver here.

Just lying around.

Wif my sisfur.


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Our Opperayshuns

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here. Let me tell yoo abowt our opperayshuns.

Last Friday Scott took us to see Ginny the V-E-T. I was due for my NEW TERS and Ruby was going to have her lady garden SPADED.

Ruby’s opperayshun was good. Scott had been thinking abowt her having a midline incision but Ginny explained that a flank incision wouldn’t affect her coat as it only really made a difference with lighter cats like colourpoints. Yoo can see from the picture that Ruby is healing very well and her incision is tiny – only abowt a centimetre long.

Unfortunately my opperayshun was not as straightforward. I ended up having to have major abbdon-adbonible … tummy surgery. Yoo see, Ginny discovered something that no-one had noticed before. I was suffering from a birth defect called CRYPTORCHIDISM. This means that one of my testicles had not descended into my scrotum. In fact it was hiding all the way up in my tummy by my kidney. This meant Ginny had to make two incisions – one in my scrotum to give me one of my my NEW TERS and then a second, much bigger incision in my tummy to find the one that was hiding. It was impawtant to remove it because it could cause cancer later in life.

We both came home togevver and had these big plastic buckets on our heads. We hated them – I pulled mine off in the first hour and then Ruby did the same. Scott struggled but managed to tie them back on again. We spent the whole night wriggling trying to get the buckets off. Whenevver we drank from our bowl our necks got wet and also our food got stuck in them. Ginny said we had to have them on for TEN DAYS! The next morning Scott and Mark saw that we were still very unhappy and stressed owt – we hadn’t eaten or drank anyfing. They made the decision to remove our buckets early and we were so happy after that! They watched to see if we were going to pull owt our stitches but really we just wanted to have a little clean up of our furs.

Scott and Mark have been keeping an eye on our incisions to make sure they are healing and not getting infected. Even their friend Lynette, who was visiting this weekend, said they looked good – and she used to be a V-E-T herself.

Anyway that’s abowt all for now. We are very happy and playful and our furs are even starting grow back. We hope yoo all had a good weekend!


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We’re OK

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here.

We are fine after our operations but we hate these buckets on our heads.

More later.


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Not Impressed

OLIVER: We’re going where on Friday?

And Ginny the V-E-T is going to do what???

RUBY: Oh my!


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My Day at the Show. By Oliver

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here! Let me tell yoo abowt my day at the Lancashire Cat Club’s 63rd All Breed Championship Show.

It all began at 7:30 in the morning when Scott and I drove north to the town of Wigan for the show. We met up wif Auntie Jane and went through “Vetting In”, which is where the vet looks at yoo to make sure yoo don’t have werms. I was in Pen 209.

There were lots of other cats wif their owners. Scott and Jane went to have a look at them and also collect the Show Catalogue. My job was stay in the pen and look handsome.

The judging started at abowt 10 o’clock. The judge and their assistant visit yoor pen and take yoo owt and put yoo on the trolley table. They want to see yoor face and eyes, ears, furs and uvver fings to see how well yoo fit the Breed Standard. They then choose which cats are the best. The first judging I had was for the Open Blue Male Kitten. I did my best but I didn’t get a place.

The kittens that got places were all much older than me so they have had longer to become like mancats. Later Auntie Jane found the judge to ask him abowt me and the judge was kind enough to come and talk to us. He said I was very handsome but a bit young. This means my furs were a bit too fluffy and my face not as round as some of the other cats. He also said my eyes had a little bit of green in them but that I would probably grow owt of that. Scott was still very prowd of me though. The kitten that came first was huge and at least eight months old – I’m only five and a half months!

Scott was then lucky enuff to see the judging of me for the other categories I was entered into. He was so proud of how good I was when the judges were looking at me. He said that some other cats scratch and hiss at the judges but that I was as good as gold.

Then guess what happened? I was awarded a place for the British Novice Kitten – I came second! This is a picture of me and my rosette. Scott and Jane were so happy for me!

Then I got anuvver prize! I came third in the British Maiden Kitten class – that’s two rosettes in one day!

We stayed right until the end to see who would win Best in Show.

The big prize went to this British Blue male – he was judged the very best cat owt of the hundreds there that day. It was extra special to see a British Blue win cos’ he’s like me!  Yoo can see what the Breed Standard looks like – a big round head wif little teddy bear ears, big jowls and a smiley face, nice copper eyes and a thick chunky coat.

One day I hope I look like him, but he is a MANCAT – Scott says I will be a NEW-TER instead.

It was a great day and we got home abowt 5:30pm. I had a little snooze in the car on the way home. Ruby and Mark were waiting to hear all abowt my adventures when I got home.

Ruby and I were allowed to stay up late and play.


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Byooty Sleep

Hi evfurrybody! It’s Oliver here!

I need to make sure I get my byooty sleep tonight as tomorrow Scott and I are going to the Lancashire Cat Club 63rd All Breed Championship Show.

I am in four categories: the Open, British Shorthair Novice Kitten, Debutante Kitten and Maiden Kitten. It will be tough competition but I will do my best to be as handsome as possible. I will also be seeing my Auntie Jane as she is going to be Scott’s show-buddy!

I will tell yoo all abowt it tomorrow!


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Holiday Planning

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here!

Oliver and I have been busy helping Scott make some holiday plans. We have been studying maps, reading guidebooks and searching the internet. Oliver even helped to type up the itinerary.

Scott thinks he’s sending us to a boarding cattery – he’s says we’ll have our own luxurious chalet, twenty-four hour care and webcam – but we have other plans…



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