Oliver’s Repawt

Hi evfurrybody – it’s Oliver here with Oliver’s Repawt.

Well, Scott came back from London yesterday and said he was amazed at how much we had growed in the last four days! He also says we have changed colour! We are darker than before which is probably because we turned FIVE MONTHS old on the 27th.

Scott and Mark say we are turning into teenagers and that they might haf to discuss “The Birds and the Bees” wif’ us.

Discussing “The Birds and the Bees” means that we go to visit Auntie Ginny at the V-E-T where she will give me NEW TERS (I’m not sure what TERS are but I certainly want NEW ones!) and she will also SPADE Ruby’s Lady Garden (it must need some maintenance and a bit of weeding). Scott and Mark don’t want me to have my NEW TERS until after my cat show on the 12th of March, but they are watching my behaviour in case I grow up all of a sudden and become a MANCAT.

They say that Ruby won’t like it if I become a MANCAT but I don’t really understand. Anyway, time for a nap.



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14 responses to “Oliver’s Repawt

  1. No, we don’t think Ruby will like it if you become a mancat in the next couple of weeks, Oliver!

    Don’t you look stunning against the gorgeous fabric in the first photo! Red definitely is your colour!

  2. When you don’t understand something Oliver it’s best to have a nap – and when you wake up you’ve forgotten what you didn’t understand so you don’t need to think about it any more!
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. You’re growing very quickly, Oliver! We hope you don’t become a mancat before the 12th!

  4. Oh Oliver you are going to be a full grown mancat in no time.
    How quickly time flies!


  5. Yes, a nap is a good idea. When confused… nap is my motto.

    pawhugs, Max

  6. hee hee! Yes, we agree, naps are the answer to efurrything. You and Ruby are almost all growed up! We cannot believe you both are 5 months all ready! Good luck at your show!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  7. Awwww … yoo two are growing up so fast. Yoo are still really cute though!
    Re the scrabble: Dad put “Oz” down ~ and told mom she could challenge him. But mom felt sorry for him and didn’t want to risk losing her go as she was ahead on the scores! Tee hee! Dad often cheats like that ~ he puts “made up” words down and relies on others beig brave enuff to challenge him! He’s norty!

    Love Alfie xx

  8. oh I can’t stand the gorgeousness. that photo is so wonderful.
    bless your furry blue little hearts.

  9. Yeah, you don’t need those spare parts, anyway! If you need it, Harley made a tutorial on what happens when girlcats get spaded and when boycats have their toy balls taken away.

  10. You are so adorable and growing up SO fast!

  11. Hi Oliver! Wow, that is cool you are teenagers now. All of us (except Trixie) have either had new ters or spaying and we don’t know what the big deal is – we just fell asleep and were a bit achy, but we didn’t see any new ters around, and we didn’t know if the girls noticed a difference in their ladygardens or not. All we know is that we had to not be running around like crazy for a few days because mom said we couldn’t. And we do recommend the info Harley has at Daisy’s blog – we didn’t really understand all of it (especially the new ter part – he didn’t really mention any ters) but it is so fun to read!

  12. Teddy is going to get his NEW TERS in about two weeks. I hope Ruby still likes him afterwards.

  13. Hi Ruby and Oliver. Wow you guys are growing up so fast! Did Scott remember to bring you back treats from London? Oliver, you look exceptionally handsome on that red fabric…and that cute yawn had Meowmy squeeing! Don’t worry about the new ters and ladygardenectomy…it’s something all smart young cats do!

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