My Day at the Show. By Oliver

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here! Let me tell yoo abowt my day at the Lancashire Cat Club’s 63rd All Breed Championship Show.

It all began at 7:30 in the morning when Scott and I drove north to the town of Wigan for the show. We met up wif Auntie Jane and went through “Vetting In”, which is where the vet looks at yoo to make sure yoo don’t have werms. I was in Pen 209.

There were lots of other cats wif their owners. Scott and Jane went to have a look at them and also collect the Show Catalogue. My job was stay in the pen and look handsome.

The judging started at abowt 10 o’clock. The judge and their assistant visit yoor pen and take yoo owt and put yoo on the trolley table. They want to see yoor face and eyes, ears, furs and uvver fings to see how well yoo fit the Breed Standard. They then choose which cats are the best. The first judging I had was for the Open Blue Male Kitten. I did my best but I didn’t get a place.

The kittens that got places were all much older than me so they have had longer to become like mancats. Later Auntie Jane found the judge to ask him abowt me and the judge was kind enough to come and talk to us. He said I was very handsome but a bit young. This means my furs were a bit too fluffy and my face not as round as some of the other cats. He also said my eyes had a little bit of green in them but that I would probably grow owt of that. Scott was still very prowd of me though. The kitten that came first was huge and at least eight months old – I’m only five and a half months!

Scott was then lucky enuff to see the judging of me for the other categories I was entered into. He was so proud of how good I was when the judges were looking at me. He said that some other cats scratch and hiss at the judges but that I was as good as gold.

Then guess what happened? I was awarded a place for the British Novice Kitten – I came second! This is a picture of me and my rosette. Scott and Jane were so happy for me!

Then I got anuvver prize! I came third in the British Maiden Kitten class – that’s two rosettes in one day!

We stayed right until the end to see who would win Best in Show.

The big prize went to this British Blue male – he was judged the very best cat owt of the hundreds there that day. It was extra special to see a British Blue win cos’ he’s like me!  Yoo can see what the Breed Standard looks like – a big round head wif little teddy bear ears, big jowls and a smiley face, nice copper eyes and a thick chunky coat.

One day I hope I look like him, but he is a MANCAT – Scott says I will be a NEW-TER instead.

It was a great day and we got home abowt 5:30pm. I had a little snooze in the car on the way home. Ruby and Mark were waiting to hear all abowt my adventures when I got home.

Ruby and I were allowed to stay up late and play.



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20 responses to “My Day at the Show. By Oliver

  1. Two ribbons wow…we are ALL very proud of you Oliver!!! What an exciting adventure 🙂

  2. Di

    You did well, Handsome! Congratulations!

  3. How exciting, Oliver! Concats on your ribbons!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and HOlli

  4. Fuzzy Tales

    Congratulations, Oliver! We think you did very well!

    P.S. The mom says it’s much better to be a NEW-TER! It’s must be, ’cause we are! 😀

    -Nicki and Derry

  5. You’re the biggest prize of all. A real Cat-ch! 😉

  6. Congratulations, Oliver! You done real good!

  7. Elizabeth (ejay)

    Congratulations Oliver, you gorgeous little fur ball…..

  8. Karen

    Funny-I thought a blue ribbon was first place-at least over here it is! So in My book you have come first!!! Well done!!

  9. Oliver, that was indeed a fine showing for one so young. You’re sure to have even better results in the future!

  10. sootie

    hello olly,
    i din’t think boys went in byooty pageants – i am glad yoo din’t haf to get a spray tan like beans do when they go in pageants- that wood haf bin very silly. was ther a talent show in the contest? what did yoo do for that? (apart from looking very hansum)
    i’m glad that yoo got 2 ribins – will yoo share them wif rubi or will yoo do what bruthers alwais do and teese theier sisters wif them?
    i think yoo are a very hansum boycat -are yoo going to go in more pageants now yoo have gotten 2 ribins? i think yoo coud win lots more.
    luv from sootie

  11. Concatulations Oliver!!!! That is so cool! 2 ribbons! Woo hoo!

  12. Very clever judges to recognise Your Gorgeousness, as we all do.
    Congratulations to you and to Your Connections.

  13. Oliver, we are so PROUD of yoo. Yoo are a champion to us always! Well done sweet boy. Smoochies.

  14. congratulations..does this mean that you have the bug and will be doing the circuit?

  15. Fen

    Hooray and well done Oliver!!

  16. Two ribbons in one day! I am so very impressed. Congratulations Oliver. You should get some ham for all your hard work at the show.

  17. Well done Oliver – on your first show we think you were so well behaved and furry handsome.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  18. That was fabulous!


  19. Our apologies for being so late to congratulate you Oliver! (We’z been behind in our visiting.) You did so great at the show! That is awesome. (It’s no wonder, really…I mean, look how cute you are and all…)

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