Our Opperayshuns

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here. Let me tell yoo abowt our opperayshuns.

Last Friday Scott took us to see Ginny the V-E-T. I was due for my NEW TERS and Ruby was going to have her lady garden SPADED.

Ruby’s opperayshun was good. Scott had been thinking abowt her having a midline incision but Ginny explained that a flank incision wouldn’t affect her coat as it only really made a difference with lighter cats like colourpoints. Yoo can see from the picture that Ruby is healing very well and her incision is tiny – only abowt a centimetre long.

Unfortunately my opperayshun was not as straightforward. I ended up having to have major abbdon-adbonible … tummy surgery. Yoo see, Ginny discovered something that no-one had noticed before. I was suffering from a birth defect called CRYPTORCHIDISM. This means that one of my testicles had not descended into my scrotum. In fact it was hiding all the way up in my tummy by my kidney. This meant Ginny had to make two incisions – one in my scrotum to give me one of my my NEW TERS and then a second, much bigger incision in my tummy to find the one that was hiding. It was impawtant to remove it because it could cause cancer later in life.

We both came home togevver and had these big plastic buckets on our heads. We hated them – I pulled mine off in the first hour and then Ruby did the same. Scott struggled but managed to tie them back on again. We spent the whole night wriggling trying to get the buckets off. Whenevver we drank from our bowl our necks got wet and also our food got stuck in them. Ginny said we had to have them on for TEN DAYS! The next morning Scott and Mark saw that we were still very unhappy and stressed owt – we hadn’t eaten or drank anyfing. They made the decision to remove our buckets early and we were so happy after that! They watched to see if we were going to pull owt our stitches but really we just wanted to have a little clean up of our furs.

Scott and Mark have been keeping an eye on our incisions to make sure they are healing and not getting infected. Even their friend Lynette, who was visiting this weekend, said they looked good – and she used to be a V-E-T herself.

Anyway that’s abowt all for now. We are very happy and playful and our furs are even starting grow back. We hope yoo all had a good weekend!



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11 responses to “Our Opperayshuns

  1. Oh Oliver, after reading this I am hugely relieved that you had your New Ters, or who knows what that naughty testicle would have done. Ginny is a very clever VET. Well done to you each and both with your recovery and bucketless state. Sending heaps of huggles, Michelle and Zebby Cat,- xxxx and purrrrrumbles

  2. I’m so glad you are both okay! Teddy had his surgery on Thursday and you wouldn’t even know he’d been sedated. He says he will come over to comfort Ruby if she wants.

  3. Wow, Oliver, and here we thought your neutering would be a quick snip-snip! We’re very glad you’re both okay and are healing well, sans cones!

  4. Oh Olllie. we are so sorry yoor surgery was worse than expected. We hope yoo are both recovering well now. Smoochies.

  5. Oh dear Oliver – we are sorry you had to have two operations – it’s a good thing you are a brave mancat. It is lucky that your vet was able to do both operations at the same time. Ruby and you were lucky you didn’t have to keep those buckets on your heads cos they’d have been furry uncomfortable for you both.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Oliver, our CC had the same operation. Mommy had a hard time sexing him as a kitten, cuz he only had one NEW to TER! He was fine within a day, running around like a mad thing. We have never heard of a flank incision for a spay, that is interesting. Leave your stitches alone and heal up quick, sweet ones!

  7. Oliver we are so glad you have a smart v-e-t who figured everything out and got you all fixed up. We will purr for both of you to be back to causing trouble…I mean having fun soon.

  8. yow! We are glad to hear you are both ok. Purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  9. Fen

    Ooh glad you two are all okay, heal up fast x

  10. Oh cuddles and purrs from all of us here…we’z glad everything went purr-fect with Ruby and we’z also happy that the vet found out what she did and helped Oliver and that everything went very well. And it’s excellent that all is healing well and that you have theese cones off!

  11. Poor Oliver!!! we are so sorry that your routine surgery turned into such an ordeal. However it is better in the long-run that the situation was discovered and taken care of now. I’m sure you both will be fully recovered in no time 🙂

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