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We’re Back!

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here!

Here is a shot from our holiday. We had a VIC (Very Important Cat) Suite and the people were very nice, but still it wasn’t the same as being at home. I had just about plotted our escape (I was going to use Oliver as a lever weight to multiply my mechanical force and create ‘mechanical advantage’ in order to force the door open. Mathematically this is expressed as O=Fd, where O is Oliver is equal to F, the Force, and d the perpendicular distance between Oliver and the fulcrum) when we released and returned home.

As well as rudimentary Archimedian physics, I am also getting interested in water.

I am exploring the concepts of surface tension and saturation.

My fur seems to also have some sort of water resistance which I must investigate further.

Here’s Oliver watching from below. I love my brother but he really just doesn’t have a clue sometimes.

PS: Hi Teddy! I missed you.

PPS: Here is a picture from the Beans’ holiday. If you want to you can read about it here.


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Holiday Time

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here!

The beans are going on holiday for a week so they won’t be able to turn the computer on for me to update the blog. I’ll try and get a message out of prison the luxury boarding cattery if I can.

We hope you all have a good week! I’m going to miss catching up with all of you – especially Teddy…


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My Speshull Repawt From Owtside. By Oliver

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here!

Today I bring yoo my speshull repawt from the OWTSIDE!

Yes! This is my noo harness which I like much better than the old one. I had only ever been owt in the old harnes once. It was a few weeks back when I was getting all frisky (before my NEW TERS!). Auntie Jane suggested I be allowed owt to have some fresh air and distractions. It worked a treat but I didn’t like the old harness, which was just like two cat collars joined togevver.

Anyway, my noo harness is much more comfortable. It also shows how impawtant I am as Chief Snoopervisor of the Owtside. Here I am sniffing the holly bush that Scott needs to plant soon.

Time to do a patrol of the perim-prerim…edges of the garden.

Oops – got distracted for a moment!

When I decided everything was safe – no woofies or vishus deer or wildebeest like I have seen on the TV – I had a bit of a relax in the sun. I also told Ruby it was safe…

…but she had never been owtside in her entire life!

It was like that moovie Stargate – who knows what would happen when she stepped through the door!

But she was a brave girl and came owt too! Ruby’s harness is red!

She came a little way owt. Then a leaf blew past her in the wind and she raced back inside. I’m sure she will get used to the owtside eventually.

As for me – there is still much uncharted territory to explore…


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Not much happening. Snoozing, grooming, the occasional bitey. Oliver spends most of the time upside down.


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The Cat Tree

Time for the mid afternoon nap on the cat tree. Usually it’s Oliver who sleeps with his head upside down and legs in the air…

…but I thought I’d give it a try.

Oliver doesn’t seem to mind.



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Good Noos, Bad Noos

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here. The good noos is that Scott has now moved the in trays and replaced them wif the cushion.

The bad noos is that the cushion is not quite big enuff, so Ruby has to lie on top of me.

Oh well – at least she looks comfortable.


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