We’re Back!

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here!

Here is a shot from our holiday. We had a VIC (Very Important Cat) Suite and the people were very nice, but still it wasn’t the same as being at home. I had just about plotted our escape (I was going to use Oliver as a lever weight to multiply my mechanical force and create ‘mechanical advantage’ in order to force the door open. Mathematically this is expressed as O=Fd, where O is Oliver is equal to F, the Force, and d the perpendicular distance between Oliver and the fulcrum) when we released and returned home.

As well as rudimentary Archimedian physics, I am also getting interested in water.

I am exploring the concepts of surface tension and saturation.

My fur seems to also have some sort of water resistance which I must investigate further.

Here’s Oliver watching from below. I love my brother but he really just doesn’t have a clue sometimes.

PS: Hi Teddy! I missed you.

PPS: Here is a picture from the Beans’ holiday. If you want to you can read about it here.



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22 responses to “We’re Back!

  1. Welcome home kitties, we missed you!!!

  2. Welcome back! We’re glad you had a good vacation and we hope your humans did too!

  3. Welcome back! That was a posh-looking kitty hotel, but given your near escape attempt, it’s a good thing you’re home again. 🙂

    We’re going to check out the holiday blog/post now!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  4. Karen

    So glad you will have your BIG HOUSE to run around in now!!!

  5. Hello you two! It’s good to see you again. Ruby, we had NO IDEA you were such a cerebral kitty! The Baby would like some help plotting her next escape out of doors.

  6. Welcome back friends – we missed you. Miss Ruby you is very brave getting your footsies so wet. I love sitting in the shower when it is turned off, and licking up the little drips, but I am not as brave as you.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  7. Wowie, did you get to sleep in that fancy iron bed?!?

  8. How funny – the photo above of your human’s trip looks just like southern California, even though it’s world’s away!

    Your hotel looks like it was nice, but it certainly was not home! I am glad you are back (and I’m sure you are too).

  9. Boycats can be clueless, Ruby 😀 You have a way of making physics sound intriguing, though our interests are more in the natural sciences like botany and zoology. We’re sure your escape plan would have been successful. You and Oliver had a nice spa suite but you’re right, home is best.

    Good to see you both again!
    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  10. Welcome Home, Sweeties !!!!
    I love to put my paw into the water too, It’s a good tip to drink and clean paws in the same time : )

  11. Ruby and Oliver a big hello from Jazz and Jewel. Ann O’D suggested we visit, and we are so glad we did. And while your holiday home looked OK, it never, ever compares with home.

  12. We missed yoo guys! Welcome back!

    Have yoo been watching “Bang goes the theory” on BBC TV while yoo were on holiday?

  13. PS:
    Happy Easter dear friends!
    Love Milo and Alfie xx

  14. WE sure are glad you are back home now although your hotel looks very fancy with that great bed. But it is always much more fun at home. Ruby, you are just so pretty. We know that Teddy missed you too. Hope all of you have a great week end.

  15. Welcome home kittens!

    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  16. Oh thank goodness you’re back! I was so worried about you!

    Teddy Westlife.

  17. It looks as though your beans had a lovely holiday and great weather. We are delighted to see you back on the blog after your “lock up” time. Make them pay for that!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  18. ‘a picture from the Beans’ holiday. If you want to you can read about it here.’
    hell no.
    Cat Action beats The Cote d’Azure, paws down any day.
    That glamour suite they abandoned you to was supposed to assuage their guilt. I hope it didn’t.
    Do some paw flicks and get that water all over their gorgeous bathroom ( we all know The Revenge Handbook had a feline author).
    mwah mwah

  19. Must be nice to be home…good to see that you spent the time well, Ruby. Amazing what a bright kitten can pick up in a few days….

  20. Wow you are really intelligent. How do you learn those things?

    Nishiko xxx

  21. Wow, Ruby that sounded like a great escape plan! You’z very intelligent! I may have to hire you as a consultant one day…Theese is excellent that you are back at home and get to drink fresh water! Welcome back!

  22. I love the ‘paws in water’ shot! 🙂

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