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Oliver Delivers Mousey


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Friday Night with Ruby

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here!

Scott says he is sorry that he hasn’t let us near the computer this week. Anyway, here’s a picture of me watching Friday night TV.

Today we had to deal with the suck-monster all day as Scott was cleaning the house. We hate it when all of our fur is stripped off the furniture and rugs! So much work to do to to re-upholster everything!



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Saturday Matinee: Bath Time for Oliver and Ruby


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Games wif the Mousey

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here! Sorry that Scott keeps mucking up my garden post featuring my noo nortical harness – he will get the pictures soon!

Anyway – let me introduce to yoo my latest mousey. It is green and has a bell inside it.

I like giving it the paw bat…

..and the claw.

I need to make sure it’s dedded.

Then I can give it the chew.

It’s serious business, you know. Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom.


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Wordless Wednesday



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Ruby Tuesday

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here! I really like spending time on this chair.

Hey! Why is it that if I like something, Oliver decides he wants it for himself?!

Look! He’s even putting the claw on it!

Leave it alone!

I’m going to stand my ground on this one!

Brothers can be so annoying sometimes!



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Mancat (in training) Monday

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here!

Every morning except Sundays we get delivfurries through the slot in the front door. As a mancat-in-training I always make it my dooty to inspeckt them.

I then let Ruby know when it’s safe to join me. Sometimes I put the bitey on the delivfurries but Scott doesn’t like it when I do that.


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