May Day!

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here! Happy May Day to all of yoo! Here is an iris that I found when I went owtside today.

Scott says he’s sorry that he hasn’t allowed us to post recently. He is making excuses abowt Easter eggs, chocolate and then the Royal Wedding keeping him occupied. He says he is back onto fings now.

Today Ruby and I went owstide in our harnesses. Once again I was Chief Snoopervisor and Ruby was my Deputy.

Ruby is getting much braver abowt the owtside these days.

She even took in the view from the top of the garden table.

I was more interested in fings going on under the bushes.

I fink I saw a berd!

Just checking up on my sisfur.

We helped Scott and Mark do a big tidy up of the garden. They say it is ready for summer now.


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21 responses to “May Day!

  1. We are so glad you two are back and that your beans had a nice holiday! We can only imagine all the security details that had to be checked out on your return. Love your vests!

  2. You must have been very busy since you got back – all those smells in the garden to investigate – we hope you didn’t have evil introoders digging up your flowers. We hope you will visit us when you have finished your unpacking and put your toys away.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Well done snoopervisng the Beans while they did their huge clean up in the big owtdoors. I think you and Ruby will have a glorious time sunbathing out there on the decking over Spring and Summer time (you can stretch out in the sun while contining to snoopervise your dear beans).

    Zebby sez “Yay’ to sun-snoozling coz the sun is at just the right angle to shine onto his queen sized bed in the afternoon. I am allowed to share the bed with Zebby over night just as long as he gets to snoozle on my right arm and shoulder all night, every night!

  4. Hurrah for spring and a good long snoop outdoors! We think your harnesses are the Cat’s Pyjamas, even though they’re not…oh, you know what we mean!
    English is confuzzling.

  5. Gosh it is so good to see you two. Those harnesses are just very very stylish. Glad Ruby is getting used to going outside. And Oliver, you think you saw a berd? Wow, that is just the greatest. Hope all of you have a super Sunday. Take care.

  6. Oh, what fun you must have outside. All dressed up and protected.

    Our Rusty was in the doghouse recently (seriously, in a real doghouse!) because he escaped the pen twice and then tried to convince Jan she’d just forgotten him and locked him out. hehehe She didn’t have a harness big enough for him. He’s dog size.

  7. How great that you have those cool harnesses… Love the pictures of your exploration. Glad you’re back. The boys have been asking about you. They are growing like crazy and I see you are doing the same. I’ll look forward to your posts.

    pawhugs, Max

  8. Hi Oliver we saw you over on Max the Quilt Cat’s blog and wanted to say hi.
    Madi thinks you are one handsome man cat and Ruby is quite a fashionasta in her garden harness.
    Madi and Mom

  9. How marvellous that you both got outside and that Ruby is getting braver! Maybe you can convince your humans to join the Society of Feline Gardeners and do Thursday garden posts! 🙂

  10. What a nice little backyard with plenty of sun. Exploring and sniffing around a garden is good fun.

  11. You two look like excellent Snoopervisors and we, of course, love your Snoopervisory apparel. Oliver, because Ruby now has the “Deputy” title, we think she is taking the job more seriously and venturing out. Happy May to you! You brightened our day.

  12. Hi Ruby and Oliver!!!!
    We finally get to come back for a visit!! Mom is not always helpful :/
    Your garden looks really nice and it is neat that you get to go out!!
    We think you two are very good looking too 🙂
    Keep doing a great job on protecting your yard!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  13. So glad you were able to get out and enjoy the sunshine. You both look fab in your harnesses!

    Thank you for your kind words about our “Rainbow Boys” who went to the Bridge so young. They both came from the same breeder and both died of FeLV. Needless to say, the rest of us have been tested and retested to make sure we’re fine.

    The Chans

  14. Hi Oliver! Happy May Day to you and Ruby!! Your yard is looking really nice. And we love how your harnesses say “Security” like you’re part of some cool security detail.

  15. You have a lovely yard to explore! Your harnesses are pawesome!

    We’re glad your beans had a nice holiday although we don’t understand, did Scott hide Easter eggs and eat chocolate while attending the Royal Wedding? 🙂

  16. My human wishes she could get me outside, but she does not think I would handle it very well.

  17. Jewel LOVES your harnesses. Jazz says that anyone who thinks he would wear one of those again has another effing thought coming. And beared his claws as a reminder.

  18. spring is sprung
    the grass is riz
    I wonder where the kitties iz ….

  19. Fen

    aw you two look very happy exploring outside x

  20. sootie

    hi rubi, we think yoo are very brave, and we hope that yoo ca vank…vanqwish….vanc…jump on any DANGER LEAFS that are in the been’s garden.

    luv from sootie

  21. Yoor garden is looking awesome. Maybe yoo should do a Thursday gardening post, like I do?

    Love Alfie xx

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