Mancat (in training) Monday

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here!

Scott says he has been sick for a few days so he hasn’t been able to help us post or visit our friends.

Here is a picture of me snoopervising the back garden. I am doing my chirping thing where my jaw chatters uncontrollably when I see a BERD! I want to put the bitey on them so bad!


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10 responses to “Mancat (in training) Monday

  1. Jewel does that too. We call the noise she makes chittering. Jazz had a venture today and came home very late (Jewel and I were very, very worried). Something has bitten his nose and made him limp. If he is not lots better tomorrow he is going to the V. E. T. (but we won’t tell him because he doesn’t like the man at all).

  2. We know how you feel, Oliver! We think those birdies want us to put the bitey on them!

    We hope Scott continues to feel better!

  3. I love to chatter at birds too. Enjoy your outside visits and we hope Scott feels better soon. My mum has had the lurgy too, but I don’t mind as she has been home sick with me.

  4. It’s a good job that harness is on, Oliver, or who knows what you might get up to?!

  5. We love to chitter at the birdies too Oliver but they never come in like we ask!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Ben and Jimmy do the chatter but Casper and Archie do not, isn’t that strange!!! Does Ruby do the chatter too?

  7. We chitter too! Lately we have had some nice plump (drool) pigeons on the patio to talk to.

  8. I like to chitter chatter too! Especially for cheese.

  9. We hope Scott feels much better soon.

  10. Oh, we just LOVE your harness! We would love to know where you got it from…mom has been making me wear a girly harness and leash!


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