Oliver Delivers Mousey


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13 responses to “Oliver Delivers Mousey

  1. You know he’s thinking “throw it you fool biped” – LOL!!!

  2. Haha! We agree with Cat’s Cats ! Oliver, we certainly hope your humans clued in and threw the mousie. Our mom does that with Nicki’s favourite mouse–she’ll throw it up the stairs and he’ll push it off and so it goes. Annie used to enjoy that too, with a small foam ball. 🙂

  3. You’re a very great hunter, Oliver!

  4. Peter

    Hope one of the beans gave you a treat, or is that something we only do to D.o.g.s. [So you know I no nothing about cats]

  5. Karen

    Ohhhh what a good boy am I!!

  6. Heh-heh, Oliver, are you seeing if your humans will eat your catch?

  7. Great hunter you are Oliver!

  8. Wow. It was a BIG mousie too. Jewel’s favourite toys are acorn shells. She picks them up and carries them to the bathroom or the kitchen where they make NOISE when she bats them around.

  9. sootie

    Yoo are very clever, olli, but haf yoo tryed that wif a reel-live mous? my bruther did, and it riggled and ran away. our mum did a funny jumpy dance and made a funny noise so i mite try it again.

  10. Well done Oliver – we think that mousie was beautifully presented to the camera.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. Oliver is so talented!

    Sorry we haven’t visited for a while, we had grandbeans staying for a vacation. It’s been happy chaos!

  12. Good job Oliver delivering that mouse. Our BB takes her talking fish all over the house and talks to it the whole way. Great video. Hope all of you have a great week end.

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