No Fear

Hi everyone! Scott and Mark think we’re weird because we enjoy playing in our travel cages. They say that Orlando and Doris used to run a mile and hide whenever their cages came out.


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11 responses to “No Fear

  1. You’re very brave!

    Actually, the mom leaves ours out in a spare room. Angel Annie would sleep in them from time to time, in spite of all the vet trips she had to make (which were never fun for anyone, including the vets and vet techs — lol).

    As far as she knows, we don’t go in them, though, unless we’re forced to!

  2. In the Feline Family some of us like to sleep in the travel cages. Sadie likes to hide and jump out and attack her unsuspecting kitty-cat brothers and sisters when they walk by…especially Bob because he scares easy despite being so big and Addie and Lola because they attack back!

    Hey, Oliver and Ruby, you are both beautiful cats! Huxley saw that you like mice?! Hux, Jazzy, JoJo and Lola really like mice, too!

  3. Wow you guys are getting big….all grown up… ::sniff::

  4. Are you going anywhere soon? Run like the wind!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. You are soooo brave. Jazz and Jewel velcro themselves to the carpet under the bed when they see the CAT CAGES.

  6. We can tell you are confident you can handle the situation. It’s better not to let anything stress you out anyway.

  7. Well, if they are not going anywhere, why be afraid of them?

  8. Y’know, we like to sit in our carrier when it is out, too. Just as long as we don’t go anywhere in them!!

  9. We don’t mind playing in our Cat Caves either – but we do mind it when mom stuffs us in and drags us to the v-e-t! 😉

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  10. sootie

    Not the Cages of Doom!! we hate the Cages of doom becos they take us to bad places like the v-e-t where bad things happen and we get poked with pointy sharp needels. We think yoo are both very brave.

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