Our Day at the Show

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here! Let me tell you about our day at the Merseyside Cat Club Thirty-Second All Breeds Championship Show.

I knew something was up a few days ago. Scott was spending extra time brushing and combing me. He was cleaning around my eyes and in my ears and he and Mark even clipped my razor sharp claws! They were doing the same to Oliver but I had seen them do all that to him before. Oliver doesn’t mind the pampering but I am an independent female feline and feminist – girl cats rule and we don’t need to have rollers in our hair to be successful.

Scott was up super early on Saturday morning so things were very suspicious. Oliver and I, however, are quite trusting so we made no fuss when the doors of our travel cages were opened. I got straight in and Oliver walked into his cage when asked. Scott put us in the car and we drove for about half an hour to the show venue, stopping to pick up Brigitte, Scott’s show buddy, along the way.

It was a beautiful warm sunny day and while other cats, especially the long-haired ones, looked a bit uncomfortable with the heat at the venue, Oliver and I were fine. I hadn’t been to a cat show before. I wasn’t quite sure what to do so I thought I’d just lie in my litter box. Scott says I was deliberately trying to sabotage all of his grooming by rolling in my litter, but really it was just something familiar in my very unfamiliar surroundings. Oliver was in the pen next to me though, so we kept each other company.

Scott and Brigitte had to leave the venue during the judging while Oliver and I were examined by the  judges of our various categories.

My brother Oliver had what is called a Red Card Day. This means he came First in his Open Class and First in all of his side classes! I was very proud of him.

As for me, I came first in my open class, like Oliver, and second in all of my side-classes. Now for the embarrassing bit: Mrs Higgins also judged me Best of Breed! This means not only did I beat my brother but I was judged the best British Blue Kitten in the Show!

Scott is now calling me a Beauty Queen, humph! He also says that my boyfriend Teddy Westlife will be happy that he is dating a supermodel, but I say Teddy isn’t that shallow!

Scott also says that my win qualifies me for entry into the GCCF Supreme Cat Show in Birmingham in November, which is the cat version of Crufts!

I’m going on strike.



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32 responses to “Our Day at the Show

  1. You both did furry well – we hope you got lots of treats in payment.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Holy mackeral! Concats to both of you on all of your wins!!! Ruby, you are now an official Diva! Your dads must be so proud of you both!!!

  3. Woo Hooooo! GO RUBY!!!!! And jolly well done to Oliver too!

    The Chans

  4. ::clapping paws::

    We’ve never known a real super model before. Will you still remember us when you win the kitty version of Crufts? What’s next…the cover of Cat Fancy?

  5. Wow, that is so terrific that you both did so well and Ruby congrats on winning your breed. We are so proud of you. And it was your first show too and you rolled in the litter. Too funny. You are such a pretty lady Ruby. Take care.

  6. Yay….. Yipeeeeee!!!!! Congrats to both of you. How wonderful to win all those categories. You did great. I hope you got extra treats when you got home.

    pawhugs, Max

  7. Oh My PaWS!!! That is SO Pawsome you guys!!!! Way to GO!!! All of us here are purrin & droolin & whootin up a storm! We knowed you both was soooo beauooootful!

    We don’ts understand why our mum starts talking like that silly kitteh from the movie Cat’s N Dogs in a funny accent when she sees you guys… Haz you seen that one? The Russian Blue kitten in that movie is a super spy. We thinks that is profiling but mum say’s it’s just supposed to be funnee. Whatever…

    You two are the BOMB!!!

    Ms. Stella
    Miss Jack
    Miss Jengs
    That Scrappy Cat

  8. Wow, Ruby, you two are superstars! Seriously! Well done, bravo and congratulations!

    BTW, the mom and Annie-in-spirit hate to break it you, sweetie, but yeah, all males, any species, are that shallow. 😛

  9. Well, silly humans, we knew you two were winners all along.

    ConCatulations! We are all kinds of excited to know such famous, nice, Cats.

  10. A beauty queen commented on our blog!?!? OMD&C!!! We are so flattered! Very big congratulations, Ruby and Oliver for your impressive showing! Ruby! That’s amazing! Scott and Mark must be over the moon!! And Teddy will be thrilled! He might even get out of the dishwasher to do a happy kitteh dance!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  11. Way to go, for both of you! You are superstars!

  12. Wow. But it is hard to imagine anyone more beautiful than you two.

  13. we all KNEW ALREADY that you were SUPREME beings.
    congratulations to your team for securing official evidence.

  14. Oh Ruby and Oliver we are so proud of you.


  15. Congrats to both of you!!!!!!
    Superstar Ruby,heehee
    We are not at all surprised that you two would do well.
    You are both so good looking 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  16. Wow, you two did fantastic! Congrats to you both. I mean really, is it any surprise, given how awesome and beautiful you two are!

  17. Wow! Congratulations, Ruby…and Oliver too!! That is awesome!!

  18. Silly Ruby, don’t be a reverse-snob! You are gorgeous and deserve recognition for that! BIG concatulations to you and Oliver for a great showing!

  19. Congrats to both of you!!!!!!….I proud of you two
    I think now Teddy smile, He got the best girl friend like you : )

  20. Concatulations to both of you! We always knew you were winners and now you have the ribbons to prove it! We’re very proud of you!

  21. Fin

    Concats to both of you!!!! Woot!!

  22. OMC! We always knew yoo two were headed for fame! Can we have yoor pawgraphs? Concats!

  23. Ruby I am SO proud of you! What a superstar. Lucky I knew you before you were famous so people won’t think I like you just for your looks. I am going to put a picture of you with your ribbons up near my water bowl.

  24. Oliver, I think you did a marvellous job too!

  25. How could it be anything less! You two are gorgeous!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  26. Concats to both of you!

  27. Ruby, we think that they were very smart to pick you for best in show – we think that isn’t just on beauty but brains too – and we know you have both! We think it is awesome that both you and Oliver did so well – you have to admit that while beauty isn’t important to you, you both are very adorable kitties. So Congrats to both of you!!

  28. Wow! Very impressive, Ruby!!

  29. Well done – we think you are both wonderful and deserve lots of prizes.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  30. Concats to both of you – very impressive!

  31. Concats to both of you – very impressive!

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