Mancat (in training) Monday

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here!

Yesterday we went OWTSIDE and I was wearing my noo nortical harness. Scott says I was getting too big for my old harness so he got me this sailor suit!

I had great fun trying to catch flies!

Ruby helped me do some snoopervising too.

Ruby is still not too sure abowt the owtside so she went in a bit earlier than me. Then I knocked over the broom that was leaning against the wall and had a panic attack and tried to run away but Scott held on to my lead until I could calm down again.

Then we went back inside.




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12 responses to “Mancat (in training) Monday

  1. Oh, Oliver, you look so handsome and mancatly in your new sailor harness! We never saw one like that!

  2. Wow…. Outside… the boys only go outside in their carriers. I bet they’d like the harnesses…. I’ll check that out. have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  3. Oliver you look furry manly in your nautical harness – maybe you will join the navy and see the world and the girls love a sailor – or so the story goes. Ruby will soon get to like being outside when she sees you having fun.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Oliver we love your new harness! Our Daddy was a sailor and he says to watch your language around the ladies; evidently sailors cuss a LOT. Ruby, some of us are terrified by Outside so we think you are Quite Brave to go out at all!

  5. I think going outside and catching flies would be lots of fun!

  6. Jazz and Jewel say that outside is FUN. But not as warm as inside.

  7. It’s good to go outside and enjoy the sunshine, and it’s even better to be safe while you’re doing it!

  8. We love your nautical harness Oliver! We’ve never been outside before but we bet if the broom knocked over we’d have a panic attack too! We’re glad Scott was there to help you calm down!

  9. Gosh, how spiffy you both look in your harnesses.

  10. Oliver, that is one cool looking harness!! Enjoy your outside time!

  11. You look very handsome in your harness Oliver! Of course, Teddy think Ruby looks gorgeous in hers.

  12. Well hello Sailor! We love yoor noo harness.

    Mom said that short trips owtside are best at first if yoo’re nervous ~ then build up to longer times ouwtside. Mom always let’s us lead the way in when we’ve had enuff.

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