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Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here!

I just caught and ate my first fly!

(Well, the first one Scott witnessed…)


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Our Sisfur

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here! This is our sisfur from our Mummy and Daddy’s latest litter. She’s the last kitten to leave and Scott and Mark are worried that she’s feeling lonely.

They want to adopt her but they’re sure she’ll find a home soon.





…and Rose?




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Today at the Desk


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Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here! I’m ready for my bath!

Ummm – isn’t someone going to turn the tap on for me?



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Curious Ruby #2


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Telling Us Apart – The Answers

OMC! I can’t believe I left you all wondering which of us was which in those pictures featured in Telling Us Apart.

1. I am on the left. See how Oliver looks crabulated?

2. I am on the right. Oliver has a big wide fluffy face.

3. I am on the left again.

4. I am on the right.

5. I am on the left.

6. I thought this would be the trickiest one as I am on the left but Oliver’s face appears quite narrow because he is leaning forward a bit.

7. I’m on the left.

8. I am on the right! It’s not my best shot and I look weird in that blue light! It does, however, highlight my cheekbones.

I am afraid that no-one guessed all the correct answers!


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Curious Ruby


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We’re Back

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here! Well I am happy to say that we are back home now. John and Vicky were very nice to us. They took lots of pictures like this one to post on Facebook so that the Beans could see we were getting food and head scritches and stuff and were not being forced to make fake Gucci wallets.

Ruby plotted a few escapes

but I must admit I’m not very good at following instructions.

I found this noo bed quite comfortable!


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OK Oliver are you ready? You hide under the bed. I’ll call the guard and pretend that you’re sick. When he comes in to check on you I’ll knock him out with a blow to the back of the head. Then we’ll be free!

OK Ruby, I’m ready.

Oliver no! You’ve blown it! You were meant to stay under the bed!

PS: Thanks to John and Vicky at Bowring Park Luxury Cattery for the photos!


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Telling Us Apart

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here! Some people find it difficult to tell Oliver and I apart. Really it’s quite easy – I am the better speller! Also Oliver spends a lot of his time upside down or playing with his toys, whereas I am learning Italian with Scott.

Here are some tips so that you can tell which one of us is which.

Firstly my eyes are a deeper copper colour than Oliver’s – and yes, they’re real! No falsies or coloured contacts for me.

Here you can see that Oliver’s eyes are a little lighter than mine and he has the slightest tinge of green right near his pupils. You can also see that his face is slightly more oval in shape and his eyes a bit wider apart than mine

whereas my face is narrower and a little more pointy.

Oliver’s tail is big and fluffy and often stands straight up

my tail is longer and more slender. So is my body – here you can see that my body is long and slim and I have narrow hips.

Oliver’s body is shorter and tubby – Scott say’s “well-uphostered” and the judges at the cat show said “plump and muscular”.

You can see in this picture that Oliver is bigger than me. You can see that Oliver’s legs and paws are bigger than mine. This photo also highlights the differences in our face shape –

Oliver has much fluffier cheeks.

Here are Oliver’s big paws.

If you look carefully here you can see that the texture of our coats is different too. I’m on the left and you can see my coat is a bit sleeker than Oliver’s – his coat is thicker and fluffier but my coat is a bit closer to the breed standard. Neither of us have particularly coarse coats though as we live inside and are spoilt with things like central heating in the winter.

Oliver often looks crabulated in photos despite being very sweet in real life. It has something to do with the flash. I often look a bit startled.

We are even different colours! Oliver’s coat is slightly lighter than mine.

Can you see?

Now, here are some tests for you. Try to tell who is who. Some of them are kitten shots so we weren’t as developed as we are now.

1. Ruby is on the a) right or b) left

2. Ruby is on the a) right or b) left

3. Ruby is on the a) right or b) left

4. Ruby is on the a) right or b) left

5. Ruby is on the a) right or b) left

6. Ruby is on the a) right or b) left (this one is quite tricky!)

7. Ruby is on the a) right or b) left

8. Ruby is on the a) right or b) left

You shouldn’t have any problems at all now!

To be honest though, sometimes even the Beans mix us up if they’re not paying proper attention!


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