Ruby Tuesday

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here!

I’m the one on the right. Oliver and I enjoy sitting on Scott’s desk. We snoopervise all the goings on in the street and are transfixed by the birds that land in the silver birches outside. It looks like rain today but the last week or so has been wonderful and summery. The Beans are discussing a holiday which can only mean one thing –  the luxury cattery maximum security prison.


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13 responses to “Ruby Tuesday

  1. Your mommy is genius ! You two look like twin, I couldn’t tell any different !
    I hope you both have a wonderful day !

  2. Looks like you have a great spot for Bird TV. And, hope you’re wrong about the discussion of holiday… It seems like you just returned from the maximum security prison. You’re always welcome to come down and hang out with Bugsy and Knuckles. Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  3. Is that a stern look you’re giving the beans re-the holiday thing?

    The Chans

  4. Oh no ~ the maximum security prison again? How awful! Can’t yoo hide their passpawts?

  5. We are glad your daddies said who was who because we would never be able to tell. The dreaded prison is always bad news.
    Mum has got Ruby Tuesday in her head now and can’t stop singing it. It was one of her favourite songs.

  6. The 2 of you are stunning — we love the copper coloured eyes!

  7. Vacation = incarceration! Totally unfair and wrong!

  8. C’mon, Ruby, fess up. Did someone photoshop those eyes??

  9. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

  10. Ruby I think you should come stay with me! Oliver can come too, if he promises not to eat all my food.

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