Telling Us Apart

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here! Some people find it difficult to tell Oliver and I apart. Really it’s quite easy – I am the better speller! Also Oliver spends a lot of his time upside down or playing with his toys, whereas I am learning Italian with Scott.

Here are some tips so that you can tell which one of us is which.

Firstly my eyes are a deeper copper colour than Oliver’s – and yes, they’re real! No falsies or coloured contacts for me.

Here you can see that Oliver’s eyes are a little lighter than mine and he has the slightest tinge of green right near his pupils. You can also see that his face is slightly more oval in shape and his eyes a bit wider apart than mine

whereas my face is narrower and a little more pointy.

Oliver’s tail is big and fluffy and often stands straight up

my tail is longer and more slender. So is my body – here you can see that my body is long and slim and I have narrow hips.

Oliver’s body is shorter and tubby – Scott say’s “well-uphostered” and the judges at the cat show said “plump and muscular”.

You can see in this picture that Oliver is bigger than me. You can see that Oliver’s legs and paws are bigger than mine. This photo also highlights the differences in our face shape –

Oliver has much fluffier cheeks.

Here are Oliver’s big paws.

If you look carefully here you can see that the texture of our coats is different too. I’m on the left and you can see my coat is a bit sleeker than Oliver’s – his coat is thicker and fluffier but my coat is a bit closer to the breed standard. Neither of us have particularly coarse coats though as we live inside and are spoilt with things like central heating in the winter.

Oliver often looks crabulated in photos despite being very sweet in real life. It has something to do with the flash. I often look a bit startled.

We are even different colours! Oliver’s coat is slightly lighter than mine.

Can you see?

Now, here are some tests for you. Try to tell who is who. Some of them are kitten shots so we weren’t as developed as we are now.

1. Ruby is on the a) right or b) left

2. Ruby is on the a) right or b) left

3. Ruby is on the a) right or b) left

4. Ruby is on the a) right or b) left

5. Ruby is on the a) right or b) left

6. Ruby is on the a) right or b) left (this one is quite tricky!)

7. Ruby is on the a) right or b) left

8. Ruby is on the a) right or b) left

You shouldn’t have any problems at all now!

To be honest though, sometimes even the Beans mix us up if they’re not paying proper attention!


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16 responses to “Telling Us Apart

  1. Thanks for showing us the difference between you two. When mum went to the cattery to meet me, the breeder had 44 british blue kittens and two sisters that mum had to choose between. How she could tell us all apart was amazing.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  2. That was fascinating. But, honestly, you are both UTTERLY GORGEOUS!!!

    The Chans

  3. You are both truly beautiful. Now, for the test.
    1) left
    2) right
    3) left
    4) right
    5) left
    6) right
    7) left
    8) right
    Now how did we go?

  4. Loved this post and learning the details. You are both beautiful. That’s for sure….

    pawhugs, Max

  5. LOL, I changed my answers three times! Hopefully I got one or two right 🙂
    1. left
    2. right
    3. left
    4. right
    5. left
    6. left
    7. left
    8. left

  6. I can always tell which one of you is Ruby! Because you are the most beautiful girl in the world!

  7. Oh, Teddy has a good answer. What a smooth talker for such a young one. LOL.

    When you point out the differences we can see them, but at a quick glance we probably still wouldn’t be able to tell you apart. Depends, too, on camera angles and lighting!

  8. OK ~ you explained the differences well! So here we go:

    1. Right
    2. Right
    8. (this was the hardest to guess) Right!

  9. To do them all would require concentration that I am incapable of at the moment, but

    1/ left
    3/ left
    4/ right
    7/ left

  10. Thanks so much! Now we know how to tell you two darlings apart!

  11. You two are actually quite different! I guess if your humans ever have a hard time telling you apart, they could always try to look at you from behind!

  12. The red photo really highlights your differences! I think the only way my Mommeh can tell Harley and me apart is on account of my curly fur.

  13. Well, that helped!! But we still think we will occasionally get you two mixed up!

  14. Really? I’m not puttin the answers in a line. After the ‘narrower face’ hint I couldz spot Ruby every time. But truthfully? You are both just gorgeous and who cares if peeps can’t tell. YOU know the difference & that’s enough.

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  15. Oh my Cod, we still can’t tell you apart in those pictures!

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