OK Oliver are you ready? You hide under the bed. I’ll call the guard and pretend that you’re sick. When he comes in to check on you I’ll knock him out with a blow to the back of the head. Then we’ll be free!

OK Ruby, I’m ready.

Oliver no! You’ve blown it! You were meant to stay under the bed!

PS: Thanks to John and Vicky at Bowring Park Luxury Cattery for the photos!


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15 responses to “Prison

  1. Your prison looks nice and cosy and it is nice that you get to share together. Have a nice holiday friends.

  2. Hopefully you won’t be in the clink for to long!!!

  3. Hope will just have to live another day!

  4. Ooops! LOL. Pretty cushy-looking hotel, though! We do hope you enjoy your stay! 🙂

  5. Well that has to be the comfiest purrison EVER! Stay safe!

  6. Now that’s the kind of prison we’d like to spend some time in!

  7. HAHAHAHA!! Brothers, huh Ruby. Sometimes they’re just so dumb!!

    -Ruby the Rottie

  8. Dee

    Well if you do the crime you do the time. What is the sentence these days for being too adorable ?

  9. We are sending you a tuna cake with a file in it…good luck!

  10. I think you guys need to keep working on your escape plan!

  11. Oliver! You don’t take directions very well, do you??

  12. Don’t worry Ruby! I have posted Teddy over and he will be coming to rescue you!

  13. Confess I’m worried about Huffle Mawson “mailing” Teddy Westlife over to your way – super first class courier I hope.

    Here in our home Zebby Cat hopes your prison bed is wide enough for you each and both to have comfy sleep times – Zebby very kindly warms up part of our bed just for me ….silly me – I warm up the rest of our bed for us, ok – for Zebby. Mickle fingers and Zebby Cat paws crossed that your beans come home soon. Sending Zebby puRRRRumbles to you each and both, and Mickle’s many huggles

  14. Oh Nooos, you two are in jail again although it sure looks like a plush jail. Very comfy.But we do hope you don’t have to stay long. Take care. The pictures are terrific.

  15. Judging by the looks of it you two must have been in one of those minimum security joints…so you couldn’t have done anything too bad!

    Luv Your Buddy Cloon

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