Telling Us Apart – The Answers

OMC! I can’t believe I left you all wondering which of us was which in those pictures featured in Telling Us Apart.

1. I am on the left. See how Oliver looks crabulated?

2. I am on the right. Oliver has a big wide fluffy face.

3. I am on the left again.

4. I am on the right.

5. I am on the left.

6. I thought this would be the trickiest one as I am on the left but Oliver’s face appears quite narrow because he is leaning forward a bit.

7. I’m on the left.

8. I am on the right! It’s not my best shot and I look weird in that blue light! It does, however, highlight my cheekbones.

I am afraid that no-one guessed all the correct answers!


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18 responses to “Telling Us Apart – The Answers

  1. COD !!!! Ruby, My eyes go Left and Right, and Finally I’m dizzy : )
    Have a great day both of you

  2. Wonderful pictures….. You are both beautiful…. that’s for sure. Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  3. It’s hard to tell you two apart…we got all of them right EXCEPT for #6…that was a tricky one!!

  4. What fun, now we can tell you apart. Just have to look closely. Ruby, you are too cute and Oliver you are very manly looking. You are both gorgeous though .You have grown up to be very attractive kitties. Take care.

  5. Hi Ruby….you are both absolutely beautiful/handsome!!
    I especially liked the one with your mouth wide open..give your photographer a raise for that one. Excellent shot.
    OMCs such soft furs too. Thanks for dropping by to say hi to us. We’ll have to study the pictures more thoroughly to be able to 100% identify each of you.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  6. We don’t suppose one of you would like to sport a Mohawk furcut or something to make it easier to tell you apart?

  7. mol at Mr Puddy – we’re dizzy too! We liked your tutorial, Ruby, but it was still hard putting it all together. We all look different here and our mom still can’t keep our names straight, we can’t imagine how it must be for your pawrents!

    pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  8. We think we’ve learned a bit to tell you apart now. We bet it’s much easier in real life than in the pictures! Thanks for visiting us.
    Many purrs,
    Siena & Chilli

  9. Is Oliver’s wide fluffy face just part of his manliness? You are just gorgeous kittehs 🙂

    -Ruby, Gizmo and Bart

  10. I think now it is easier to tell Ruby and Oliver apart with your descriptions of them and showing who is who in the same picture. Ruby & Oliver you two are seriously fabulous! Bet you are so happy to be back home with your Dads and out of prison!

  11. Oliver has got the roundest face (whispers – we were going to say the fattest face but thought he might go in a strop!). We’ll try and remember that.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. We think we have a better idea now, how to tell you both apart — we’d go by the cheeks. LOL.

  13. We certainly can tell you two apart now, especially when you’re together! When you were tiny kittens it was impossible…but now it’s easier!

  14. I think picture #7 is the perfect demonstration of the difference in your faces!

  15. Oh Ruby and Oliver you are both so gorgeous it is hard to separate the two of you!

  16. Once you explained who was who, Ruby, it became much clearer because yours is the more feminine face, and Oliver does look more manly! But you both look very much alike otherwise.

  17. It’s tough to tell you two apart but we think we got it, almost! You are both gorgeous!

  18. That was still a fun challenge (even if nobody got everything right) because there were so many pictures of the 2 of you together.

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