The Owtside

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here!

Scott’s away at the moment having a little holiday so we’ve been home alone with Mark this week. Mark has been werking on indexing and proofreading his book so we have learnt how to be qwiet kitties while he is werking hard.

Anyway, last weekend was very sunny so Ruby and I got our harnesses on to go owtside.

For some reason I was a bit skerred and didn’t want to go owt there. So I stayed inside and watched Ruby.

Scott and Mark thought it was strange because I am usually the brave one and Ruby is the skerrdy-cat.

But then they remembered when we were kittens – sometimes Ruby can be the brave one!



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13 responses to “The Owtside

  1. Oliver, you’re allowed to have an “off” day and not want to go out. Maybe something that you saw outside scared you recently, something your beans don’t know about. Or maybe you just want to take turns! 😛

  2. Well, sometimes the owtside can be a skeerdy place!


    where is Miss Rose?? *wink*

    Just wonderin’

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  3. I didn’t know you were a sailor (ref.-sailor outfit you are wearing). I’m still planning on sailing the ocean blue to go visit my furrends in far-away places. ……you never know…..

  4. HI Oliver! Oh you are so cute in your harness! We think it is ok for you to be skerred sometimes, and for Ruby to be brave. We are like that at our house – sometimes some of us are brave about something and others are skerred, but then next time it is the opposite. It is nice you get the option to go outside – our mom doesn’t let us go out even with a harness (and we think the harness is a great idea – well, except for the part about having to wear it – we aren’t fans of wearing things). Maybe next time you will be the brave one and Ruby will be skerred, or who knows maybe you both will be brave!

  5. Don’t worry Oli, you will be brave again soon I’m sure 🙂 I just love your sailor suit!!!

  6. Love it. Jazz n Jewel both love the owtside, but sometimes Jazz has big, big adventures and gets a bit skerred.
    Love your harnesses. Jazz wouldn’t wear his (scratched and bit) and Jewel grew owt of hers.

  7. You mean kitties are supposed to be QUIET when humans are working hard? That’s a new one on me!

  8. In my family, Harley is the one who is skerred of the Outside!

  9. Ruby ::sigh:: you are so gorgeous. And brave.

  10. Dear Oliver – despite your not going to the owtside, you look very handsome in your sailor harness. It is okay if you choose to only go as far as the wooden decking – I think of this as Orlando’s Deck, coz your Uncle Orlando looked to really enjoy the summer sunshine there.

    I hope your Mark Bean made tremendous-style progress on his book this week – am sure both you and Ruby gave Mark heaps of encouragement and support (just as long as your kittycat food and other life essentials came along at the right time – right?).

    Sending care and many huggles to You and Ruby, and your Mark and Scott Beans (they do respond very well to your Bean training methods!),

    Zebby Cat’s human, Michelle

  11. Yes, it’s important to be quiet at times. I always had a hard time mastering that. Have a great day… pawhugs, Max

  12. HHHmmmmm, quite the mystery… Little Rosie??

  13. So cute! I wish our cats were harness friendly.

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