Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here!

I would like to formally introdooce yoo to our sisfur:

That’s right! Rose has come to live wif us!

That means I have two sisfurs to play with me. I am verry excited!

Rose has the same Mummy and Daddy as us but she is a different colour – we are “blue” and Rose is “blue colourpoint” which means she is cream coloured with blue paws, tail, ears and face.

I have spent the last day following Rose arownd and giving her the sniff. I want to play with her straight away but she is still growling at me – Scott says that’s because I’m much bigger and older than her and that she’s a bit skerred. Scott calls Rose a little spitfire cos she’s always hissing at me and Ruby. Rose is a very brave gerl though cos she is holding her grownd wif us.

I don’t think Ruby is quite as happy to meet Rose. Ruby spends her time looking daggers at little Rose and they have had a couple of hissy-spitty spats but no real fights.

I would like evfurryone to just get along, so I am hoping fings settle down.



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30 responses to “Introducing…

  1. Oh, we were hoping Rose would come live with you two! Take it from us, it takes a little while for a new kitten to get along with their housemates, but it does happen!

  2. sootie

    Hallo rubi and olli, and a big welcome to Rose – she’s lovely.
    We can unnerstand why rubi is a bit not too happy about the noo sister, but we think that’s a gurl thing (sam and me are sisters and we hav hissy-fights all the time, but we still groom each other as well), and rubi is being very praktikal and is garding the gooshy-fud on the shelf – clever rubi.
    we hope that little rosey settles in well, and then there will be 3 gallumping furry things up and down the stairs 🙂

  3. Welcome, Rose!! You are beautiful!!

  4. We, too, wondered if Rose would come to live with you. We’re thrilled she has and hope you’ll all settle down and become good friends. What a purrfect post for World Cat Day! Welcome to the CB, Rose!

  5. Wonderful news, Oliver – your new sister is such a pretty little sweetie and fiesty too. Do you remember being as small as Rose is?

  6. Oh my stars what amazing news 🙂 I hope Rose will settle in soon, sometimes if kitties share treats at the same time or some special food it can help to ease the transition. Welcome little Rosie, you are a beautiful girl!!!!!

  7. Happy World Cat Day!! And what a better way that to celebrate than with a new sister!! Welcome home, Rose. hee hee, we thought this might be your surprise!

    we hope to be up to speed commenting by next week…secretaries…sheesh.

  8. Patti

    Oh she is pretty! Congratulations! Be a good big brother, Oliver!

  9. We are delighted that Rose is living with you – we’re sure she will settle in soon and Ruby will get to enjoy having a sisfur.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. I am sure everyone will get along eventually. It took a while at my house when I first came to live here.

  11. Karen


  12. Hello sweet Miss Rose, you look very little compared to your siblings. We know you are going to have a great life together, even if it takes a little while to settle in.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  13. Your new sister Rose is a little beauty. Happy World Cat Day to all of you.

  14. Awww! This makes us want to adopt another kitten.

  15. sootie

    (just a secret whisper to rubi – be careful that teddy doesn’t have eyes for rose as well and two-times you. We all know that he is a bit of a norty lad so watch out. Just saying. Yoo can still be frends with rosey though.
    sootie )

  16. Hello Miss Rose!
    You sure are a beauty!!

    Happy World Cat Day!

  17. Happy World Cat Day !!!
    WOW!!! Miss Rose is SO sweet!!!
    Kitties Rule!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  18. Whooooooot! Happy Happy Dance! Hi Darlin’ Rose! You are just the adorable! We know soon you’ll have yer bro & sis wrapped around your beautiful velvety paws! Welcome!

    …would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?


    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  19. vic

    look at teddy and huffle: i think that a cat doesn’t like another cat in his space. and the same sex. they are territorial animals.
    but, rose is a beauty.

  20. Fen

    aaaw yay expanding families. Rose is adorable and she’ll come around when she realises you guys are lovely.

  21. Hello little Miss Rose! What a pretty girl you are! Not as pretty as Ruby, of course.

  22. When Jazz first came to live here, he and Jewel had hissy fits all the time. Now they go looking for each other to play with.
    Rose looks lovely and has come to a wonderful home.

  23. A big furry welcome to sweet little Rose. We’re sure once yoo’ve all got used to each other yoo will love being a threesome. Rose is unbelievably cute and pretty.

  24. gothbutnotthestereotype

    Shes gorgeous — I wanted to fly over from the states and snatch her up. I have a 5 year old British Shorthair that looks a lot like a Ruby named Nermal. Your kitties are precious.

  25. Oh, how exciting! Rose is adorable. I hope you are all good friends soon.

  26. Welcome to your new home, Rose! You are a gorgeous little girl!

  27. OMC…see what happens when mom doesn’t help me visit properly! Oh my goodness Rose, you are the cutest little kit!

    Welcome home and welcome to the CatBlogosphere!

  28. Oh, Miss Rose is a beauty! Congrats on your new sisfur, we had the sneakin’ suspicion that she might come live with you. We will send our best thoughts your way Oliver, for harmony between all three of you kitties.

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