Group Therapy


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15 responses to “Group Therapy

  1. Yoo were almost all playing together. I am sure you will all learn to play together soon.

    Poppy Q

  2. Very, very nearly. Though Ruby seems to be less relaxed about Rose than Oliver.
    Soon you will all be playing together.

  3. Great video! We felt a bit sorry for Rose, though, with Ruby not quite accepting yet. LOL. Trust Oliver (i.e. the male) to be more relaxed and welcoming!

  4. vic

    oh, well…
    i think that the 2 bigger cats will beat rose.
    it’s better for her to go in another house.
    cats are very territorial animals.

  5. Oliver – you are wonderful, in your own Oliver cautious way. Ruby – hope you don’t get the “Teddy-style banishment to the garage” treatment as I think both you and that kid sister have a fiesty nature. Rose – wow, you are determined and strong – I really hope you and your older siblings all get along soon.

    Confession – my darling Zebby Cat ( a beloved wussy yet very affectionate lad – I hate to think what he went through before rescue) would hide from any one of you!

    Sending hope and love to all five of you as I head to beddybise for the night (and to a loving neck wash from Zebby – if only his tongue was softer, mol),

    Michelle (Mickle) xxxxx and many huggles

  6. Oliver seems to be playful with Rose but Ruby seems less friendly – we hope that the girls become friends soon.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Awww … Rose seems so teeny-weeny. We know you will all be friends soon. Purrs.

  8. Rose is a little one still, but she plays like a fierce warrior cat!

  9. This group therapy looks like it just might do the trick!

  10. Ruby I have an idea. Why don’t you send Rose here and I will come and stay with you?

  11. We missed Rose’s official arrival as #1 was about to return from the UK, but we had a feeling that she would be joining your family. Congratulations! She is just gorgeous! And now you too have a kitten to play with!

    The Chans

  12. Looks like you boyz are having as much fun as the kitties!

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

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