Miss Rose’s First Post

Well hello there! My name is Rose – I am very pleased to make your acquaintance!

I have been at my new home for six days now and things are going well. At first Oliver and Ruby were not quite sure about me – I made sure I growled a lot in the first couple of days. We have all been having cat group therapy and it’s working.

After a couple of days I stopped growling even when Oliver sniffed me all the time. He is a very kind and playful brother and we have been playing chasey and the laundry basket game.

Ruby was more unsure of me – probably because I am a girl like her. Also I am a kitten – where there’s kittens there’s often angry mother cats too! Anyway we no longer have confrontations and she is starting to play chasey with me too! We still have the occasional paw whapping game but that’s more just to test each other’s strength and size – it’s much more playful now.

Scott and Mark hope that one day we might all snuggle up together and lick each others fur but that hasn’t  quite happened yet. Perhaps I will always a be a bit more independent of my brother and sister – I am a feisty and brave girl who can look after herself. In fact I think Ruby might be a bit put out that I have claimed the very top of the cat tree for myself! I have explored the entire house and I think I will be very comfortable here – so please don’t worry about me!


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22 responses to “Miss Rose’s First Post

  1. Hello, beautiful Miss Rose. My name is Genji and I am four and a half months old. I have been in my home for just over a month and I too get along well with my siblings but have not started snuggling with them yet. Ummmmm… I was wondering…. I know we are both very young but would you possibly consider being my special friend?

    Genji (Gen-Chan to his friends)

  2. Well hello there Gen-Chan! I would love to have a special friend! Rose x

  3. Miss Rose… you are just too cute… I’m thrilled that you get to live with Oliver and Ruby because they are the best. I’m sure with time, you will all be fast friends and have lots of fun. Welcome to the cat blog world.

    pawhugs, Max

  4. Miss Rose, don’t you have the most beautiful aquamarine eyes!!! I’m sure the snuggling will happen soon 🙂

  5. OMC Miss Rose…you are such a beauty cutie and you already have a boyfriend?

  6. Miss Rose, welcome to your forever home and to the CB! We’re glad you’re settling in well and are having fun playing chasey with Oliver and even Ruby. This is great! But we suggest you share the top of the cat tree, for the sake of peace. LOL. Either that or you all need 2 more cat trees! 🙂

  7. You are beautiful Miss Rose.

  8. Hee hee! our mom abandoned us while she went on a work trip so this is our first time learning the news! We knew it would be a matter of time before you’d come to live there, Miss Rose 😉 We are glad you are getting along with Oliver and Ruby. Good for you for taking over the top of the tree!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  9. Rose, it sounds like you are taking over already! I mean, how many kittens claim the top of the cat tree after less than a week?!

  10. Miss Rose, we knew a spunky kitten like you would fit in in no time at all! Nobody could resist your long whiskers or pretty eyes, they’re bewitching.

  11. Frogdancer

    Very articulate, Miss Rose. I’m sure Scott, with his English teacher background, heartily approves.


  12. Miss Rose you are just beautiful and before long you will have all the household under your paw of iron. Oliver has already succumbed, and Ruby will not be far behind. World domination is only a matter of time.

    Jazz n Jewel say welcome.

  13. Karen Thomson

    Hey Miss Rose, I think you may be my long lost sister! I’m sentabali sunshine kiwi but my new mum and dad have named me Peppa. I’m pleased you have settled into your new home so quickly. I was wondering where you may have gone and then hey presto I was doing a bit of research about our breed and my name and came across this blog! At first I didn’t realise who you were because you are growing so fast so look a little different from when I last saw you but you have our mum’s eyes, which is how I knew. I was a little cautious when I first came to my new home but now i’m running the place! There are no other cats here for me to play with but my new mum and dad love to play with me (although I don’t think they are too impressed when I wake them in the early hours to play but then they will get used to it!). Hope we can stay in touch. Time for my nap now I have woken everyone up…. It’s a kittens life!
    Peppa xx
    P.s Love your new name!

  14. Rose, you already have a boyfriend? Wow that was fast work. I am glad you are all becoming friends. Be nice to my best girl Ruby please!

  15. Fen

    oh darling Rose you are too cute. I’m glad you’re settling in well.
    Today is my baby girl’s 4th birthday. She’s currently flaked out in front of the heater. Alex is slowly settling in, but as he’s an adult he’ll take longer. It’s good to hear you’re all getting along reasonably well.

  16. Miss Rose, I am so glad you are settling in so well already!

  17. Oh we are so happy to hear that the Group Therapy has worked its magic on the three of you, we thought it would! Miss Rose, you are a beauty and congrats on your new special friend. The two of you are a very cute couple.

  18. Dee

    Hello there Miss Rose! Im so late catching up with my blog reading so I have only just seen your post. How wonderful that you are living with Oliver and Ruby, Im sure you will all be best of friends in no time.

  19. Well hi, Rose, good to meet you. My, aren’t you lovely.
    We’re go glad you found your forever home and we know soon you’ll get along just fine with Ruby & Oliver.

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