Ruby on Monday

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here! Hang on – did you see that fly?

I was checking the blog the other day and do you realise I haven’t posted by myself in three weeks? Something is clearly amiss here – or somebody is remiss – I don’t know what’s going on but someone is going to have to pay. Perhaps this fly.

Umm – I think it went over here. Anyway – you may have read that we have a new sister. Once I got over the surprise of a new cat in the house I calmed down a bit. I guess there’s room here for three of us. Eventually I will train Rose and we can gang up on Oliver. I am still not happy that Rose has claimed the top of the cat tree for herself but I think we can work things out – she really thinks she’s queen bee! Being a boy, Oliver hasn’t quite worked out what a threat a new kitten can be – he has been falling over himself in a most undignified fashion in an attempt to play with her.

Ah – there it goes.

I must admit that I too have been playing chasey with Rose a little – though we still go in for a bit of sisterly paw-whapping occasionally.

Here’s a shot of the three of us together. United in our quest for the fly.

Did you hear that Rose has already bagged herself a boyfriend? He’s from France – ooh-la-la! I think she’s going to tell you about him tomorrow. You know, I wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend until I was much older than Rose – it’s just not fair!



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10 responses to “Ruby on Monday

  1. Ruby, it’s nice to see you post–three weeks definitely is far too long.

    Yeah, Oliver could be in for it down the road, two girls against one boy. Of course, your humans *could* even things out with another boy. Just sayin’.

  2. Ruby sometimes an older sister has to blaze the trail!

    I am laughing at the Fuzzy Tales comment….just a word of caution, if you get a fourth cat be prepared for people to look at you strangely – LOL!!!

  3. We love the pic of yoo all together ~ so sweet! Ruby we are sure yoo will soon lick Miss Rose into shape!

  4. Yup we have missed you Ruby. We have been slack getting over to see you and Oliver and now there is a new sisfur. She is so pretty. We like Rose. Love that last picture of you all together. Good to see you kitties. Take care.

  5. Ruby, we have a secret for you: Those Cats with Points are bossypants and first ALL THE TIME.
    We go thru it daily with May Ling…talk talk talk, ordering us all around, sleeping in the prime spots.

  6. I see all sorts of sibling rivalry going on here!

  7. Ruby…
    Great to see your post today… Glad to hear you are getting along with rose. Nice to have a sister, I’m sure.

    pawhugs, Max

  8. Sweet – you all look good today and we hope you catch your fly.

  9. Death to all flies. Welcome back Ruby – you have been missed.

  10. Fen

    Oh hai Ruby, glad to see you’re posting again. I hope you’re enjoying your new sisfur, it’s exciting.

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